Rebecca Gio

girl in pink top

Rebecca is currently a junior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Computer Science. Before attending Cal Poly, she attended Citrus College where she received her Associates of Science in Computer Science. Rebecca applied to the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program through Citrus College and was accepted into the program and offered a research position at Cal Poly Pomona for the summer 2020, where she did object detection research. During her first year at Cal Poly Pomona, she soon realized that she was extremely interested in aerospace and defense. Rebecca attended the career fair at her school and was invited to do two interviews with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Thankfully, she was able to express her strong interests and aptitude to be successful as an intern at JPL and was offered a position! She is now a Software Engineering intern in the Advanced Flight Software team for the Europa Clipper Mission. NASA's Europa Clipper will conduct detailed reconnaissance of Jupiter's moon Europa and investigate whether the icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life. She is excited to continue here academic and professional journey and be a role model for other Latinos interested in pursuing a STEM career.