Pasadena as an Early Learning City 2025

In 2015 Pasadena City Council passed a resolution that by 2025, Pasadena will be known as an Early Learning City.

City Council Resolution 9419 – Support of Developing an Early Learning City

All children ages 0 to 5 will thrive in their physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and their ability to learn when they enter school.

On Saturday, September 23, 2017 at Brookside Park, Pasadena was officially launched as an Early Learning City. This exciting day included over 80 exhibitors, a welcome by Mayor Terry Tornek, Superintendent Brian McDonald and Congresswoman Judy Chu. There were many activities tailored to different age groups, healthy snacks, cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, community resources related to parenting and early childhood and much more.

Pasadena is a city with incredible resources targeted to our youngest children, but they are not necessarily cross-coordinated, and many parents and other caregivers are unaware of those resources or how to access them.

  • After the launch, work will continue for months and years until Pasadena is renowned as an Early Learning City by 2025.
  • Through the meaningful, day-to-day collaboration of local community resources including schools, health care, social services and others, parents will become empowered to make use of these programs because parents are a crucial component of this collaborative effort.
  • Parents will build their own skills while staying connected to local resources and other opportunities.

As an Early Learning City, all available resources, from city departments to schools to nonprofits, will work collaboratively and effectively to ensure awareness of and accessibility to those resources and support networks.

  • Parents and other caregivers will be empowered to make use of these programs and build their own skills while being connected to local resources and opportunities.
  • Pasadena’s future depends on this cross-coordination.

The City of Pasadena’s Office of the Young Child focuses on maximizing resources and integrating best practices and services across City of Pasadena departments and the early learning community, including culturally sensitive programs for English-language learners.

  • Pasadena is among many other cities nationwide that have joined the Early Learning City movement.
  • Pasadena’s work toward success will reflect the distinctive needs, attributes and resources of this community.