Pasadena Council for the Young Child

council-for-the-young-child-logoThe Office of the Young Child is supported by the Pasadena Council for the Young Child, a coalition of local community and civic leaders who are experts in infants and young children, early learning, health care, social services and related fields. These committed volunteers are organized into six working groups and have been meeting monthly since autumn 2015.

This Council, designated as a major supporter for the Young Child initiative and movement in Pasadena, convenes once a month and has been meeting since October of 2015 with representatives from the public, and community and civic leaders, who have distinct and diverse expertise in early learning and are in many instances invested residents of Pasadena with children of their own in the school district.
Human Services Commissions

The Role of the Council:

  • Bring to life the Eight Building Blocks of early Child Development Policy
  • Identify practices for change through the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of this cross-sector of leaders
  • Approach our work as a “think tank” the recommendations of which will help to build a set of practices that will support the work of the Early Child Development Coordinator and will help to set the priorities of the Office of the Young Child
  • Provide a road map and design for transforming our community in addressing intractable social problems through a comprehensive approach to early childhood policy and services in Pasadena; we know such an approach in the early learning years of our youngest children and their families will help to create change over time.

Members Pasadena Council for the Young Child


Dr. Vera Vignes, Chair Vice-Chair, City of Pasadena Human Services Commission
Tony Santilena, Vice Chair Chair, City of Pasadena Human Services Commission
Toni Boucher Director, Altadena Children’s Center | Chair, Early Childhood Education (ECE) Directors’ Alliance
Renatta Cooper Founding Member, Early Childhood Expert and Education Coordinator of the Los Angeles County Office of Child Care
Ann Erdman Marketing/Branding Consultant
Ann Rector Director Health Services, Pasadena Unified School District
Mary Donnelly-Crocker Executive Director, Young & Healthy
Patricia Herrera Program Director, 211 LA County
Dr. Marie Poulsen Pediatrics USC, Keck School of Medicine
Johanna Atienza Pacific Oaks Children’s College
Peggy Sisson Founding Member, City of Pasadena Human Services Commission | Board member, Options for Learning
Dr. Myra Booker City of Pasadena Human Services Commission
Shellie Kalmore Chief Program Officer, Kidspace Museum
Sharon Calkin Library Administration Commission
Ree Hudson Director Early Childhood Education, Pasadena Unified School District
Dr. Brian McDonald Superintendent of Schools, Pasadena Unified School District
Julianne Reynoso Assistant Superintendent – Elementary Education, Pasadena Unified School District
Bill Gould Program Officer, First 5 Los Angeles
Lisa Cavelier Director, Collaborate PASadena
Dr. Dianne Philibosian Wellness/Infant/Toddler Development Specialist, Cal State Northridge
Lauren Kaye Chief Officer of Learning, Kidspace Museum
Daniel M. Svedas, M.S.W. Assistant Regional Administrator, Department of Children and Family Services
Yoland Trevino Executive Director, Pasadena/Altadena Coalition of Transformative Leaders (PACTL)
Magdalena Benitez Community Resident
Gloria Mushonga-Roberts Common Sense
Connie Aguilar Options for Learning