Swim Levels

There are six swim levels as they relate to swimming lessons.

Tiny Tots - Level TT (3-4 years old)

Class is designed for children with little or no swimming experience and is geared mainly towards water adjustment while introducing primary swimming skills.

Level 1

Introduction to water activities, good habits, and overall water safety. Blow bubbles, bobbing, float, glide and proper arm/leg actions on front/back and underwater object retrieval.

Level 2

Development of proper swimming techniques. Front/back floats and glides, recover to a vertical position after swimming, treading water, front and back crawl, underwater breath holding and object retrieval, and water safety skills.

Level 3

Guided practice of previously attained skills (Level 2) in deeper water. Side breathing with the front crawl, treading water, flutter, scissor, dolphin and breast stroke kicks, elementary backstroke, and headfirst entries into the water, non-swimming assists, and water safety skills.

Level 4

Develop knowledge and techniques of all strokes and other aquatic skills including preparation for swim team. Open turns on front and back, treading water, refine front crawl and backstroke, and improve on breast stroke, butterfly and sidestroke; introduction to diving, feet first surface dives, survival swimming, and water safety skills including simple water saving assists.

Level 5

Designed to further enhance coordination and refinement of strokes and preparation for the swim team. Continued conditioning and stroke refinement, racing starts to streamline, flip-turns, sculling, shallow angled dives, tuck/pike dives, non-swimming assists, and water safety skills.

Adult Group Lessons

Adults ages 18+ are welcome to register for group lessons at either Villa Parke Community Center Pool or Robinson Park Recreation Center Pool Saturdays only. Each session will be four lessons, every Saturday.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons for youth or adults are 30 minutes and will be offered on Saturdays at Villa Parke Community Center Pool. Non-Pasadena residents please add $15 to fee.

Adult Shallow Water Aerobics

Get in shape with a water aerobics workout! Our friendly staff make workouts fun and exciting. The pool is accessible to everyone and the water is kept warm. This is a great opportunity for an invigorating, toning, and cardio-conditioning workout. This class gives you all the workout without the impact on your joints.