Oak Grove Area Improvements Project

The Oak Grove Area Improvements (OGAI) project geographically includes the western portion of Hahamongna Watershed Park from the Flint Wash Bridge, north, to the southern edge of the Hahamongna Annex area.

The City has formed a Stakeholder Group for the Oak Grove Area Improvements Project. The group will help develop the components of the Oak Grove Improvements Project and provide feedback that will help shape the design and implementation of the project.

There are five projects in the current Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with funding and that are located within the OGAI project area:

  1. Oak Grove Area Improvements
  2. Trail Development
  3. Berkshire Creek Area Improvements
  4. Habitat Restoration
  5. Oak Grove Disc Golf Course Improvements

Within the CIP projects are sub-projects or components of each project. These components are described in the adopted HWP Master Plan.  As part of the project planning and design, the Stakeholder Group will review these components and provide recommendations for design revisions, alternatives as appropriate:

  • Berkshire Creek
  • New Restroom in Lower Oak Grove area
  • Foothill Drain
  • Park Road improvements
  • Westside Perimeter Trail
  • Trail Improvements within the Lower Oak Grove area
  • Upgrades to existing parking area
  • Habitat restoration
  • Oak Grove Disc Golf Course improvements


November 18, 2014 – Special Meeting of the Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee (HWPAC) featuring a presentation and discussion of the recommended OGAI Project concept design. The concept design plan and description may be download from the documents section, below.

October 22, 2014 – A Public Meeting was held to present a design concept for the OGAI Project and receive public input. The presentation and comment notes can be found below. If are were unable to attend and would like to make a comment or suggestion, please call or email Rosa Laveaga at 626-744-3883 and rlaveaga@cityofpasadena.net.  Due to our schedule, we may be unable to incorporate comments received after November 5, 2014.


Design:  Underway
CEQA:  Pending
Construction Documents:  Pending
Construction:  Pending


The OGAI project has several funding sources. Detailed information regarding funding and funding sources may be found in Capital Improvement Program budget – Hahamongna