Youth Boxing

The Villa Parke Youth Boxing Membership offers a variety of courses geared towards health and fitness through boxing to create a positive change in every participant.  Training focuses on preparing youth  for competition on a local, regional and national level.

We also offer courses that focus on the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of Olympic-style boxing
  • Training for competition on an amateur level
  • Conditioning for weight loss and fitness
  • Health and nutritional awareness

Some of the benefits of participating in our program include:

  • Build a foundation of good sportsmanship
  • Physical awareness
  • Develop character and self-esteem
  • Learn self-control and anger management
  • Discipline and social skills
  • Self-defense techniques

Ages: 8 to 17 (Male and Female)


Monday to Thursday: 1-8 p.m.

Friday: 1-7 p.m.

Fee:     6 month membership available

$20 Resident

$40 Non-Resident

For more information, please contact Fausto De La Torre at (626) 744-6531, or by email