Youth Soccer

The Villa-Parke Youth Soccer League was established in the 1970’s and continues to thrive. The league encourages skill development in a fun, recreational atmosphere. Quality coaching and competitive matches make this league a great fit for all skill and experience levels. Last season, the league included 89 co-ed teams and over 1,600 participants in seven age divisions. We hope you will join us for the 2019 Season from March to July.

The Villa-Parke Girls Youth Soccer League was established in 2010. This program encourages girls to compete at a recreational/competitive level through the wonderful sport of soccer. The program has grown over the years, serving girls’ soccer teams from Pasadena and neighboring cities.

Co-ed Youth Soccer League 

For more information, please contact Jorge Carcamo at (626) 744-6514,

Girls Soccer League 

For more information, please contact Marco Bermudez at (626) 744-6511,

Villa-Parke Youth Soccer League Registration Information, 2020

Registration by division only // Inscripcion por division solamente 

Division // División Birth Year // Año de nacimiento  - Date // Fecha    

  • NEW! Mini Stars ‘17, ‘16 - Nov. 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16                               
  • Mascots ‘16 ‘15, ’14Nov. 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 
  • 6th’13, ‘12 - Nov. 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 
  • 5th ’11, ‘10 Nov. 21, 22, 23 and Dec. 5, 6, 7  
  • 4th ’09, ‘08 Dec. 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 
  • 3rd ’07, ‘06 Dec. 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 
  • 2nd ’05, ‘04 - Jan. 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25  
  • 1st ’03, ’02, ‘01 - Jan. 16, 17,18, 23, 24, 25 
  • All Divisions All DOB Jan. 30, 31, and Feb. 1 

ALL Divisions – Open Registration dates

All division D.O.B // Jan. 30, 31, Feb 1.

Registration Hours // Horas de incripcion

Thursday and Friday // Jueves y Viernes 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 

Saturday // Sábado 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Registration Fee // Valor de la incripcion

 Early: $50.00     Open Registration $.60.00 

 Early Non-Resident $85.00     Open Non-Resident $110 

Scholarship Discount: Pasadena residents only – must meet income & family size requirements  

Registration Documents // Documentos de registro

Only if the child missed the previous season - Child’s birth certificate, passport,  

or school ID with D.O.B. only. Solo si el niño se perdió la temporada anterior - Certificado de nacimiento del niñopasaporte o identificación de la escuela con D.O.B. solamente  

Proof of Pasadena Residency // Comprobante de residencia de Pasadena 

 All Pasadena residents need proof or residence regardless of previous season registration.Los residentes de Pasadena necesitan comprobante de residencia independientemente del registro de la temporada anterior. 

Register online at // Inscripcion en linea en 

Last Day to Register // Ultimo Dia de Inscripciones 

February 1, 2020 // Febrero 1, 2020  

Additional registration information:

  • Your team request is not guaranteed unless your child is on the coach’s’ pre-roster
  • V.P.Y.S.L. will find a team for new participants
  • V.P.Y.S.L. Coaching Staff are not paid by the City of Pasadena/HS&RD
  • New participants must have their photo taken at the Villa-Parke Community Center
  • Registration cancellation fee of 20%
  • Please familiarize yourself with the above information, prior to making any payments

Villa-Parke Youth Soccer League Fee Schedule, 2020

Authorized Fee

 Masc. Div.

6th Div.

5th Div.

4th Div.

3rd Div.

2nd Div.

1st Div.

Early Registration$50 R/$85 NR.
Open Registration$60 R/$110 NR.
Ref. Fee Per Game$21$21$23$26$30$48$48
Per Season*$19.83/plyr$19.83/plyr$21.72/plyr$24.55/plyr$28.33/player$42.66/player$42.66/player
Field Set Up/Painting$160/team$160/team$160/team$160/team$160/team$160/team$160/team
Per Season/Per Player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player$9.00 /player
Uniform Cost$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50$25-$50

*Ref & Field fees calculated based on 18 players per team


 Masc. Div.

6th Div.

5th Div.

4th Div.

3rd Div.

2nd Div.

1st Div.

# Reg. Season Games17171717171616


Mascot-3rd Div.March 2 to June 29, 2019No Games on May 4th -Copa Aztlan Tourn.
2nd & 1st Div.March 9 to June 29, 2019
Playoff GamesTBD

Important Parent Information

  1. All Coaches’ must provide a written receipt to each parent/guardian following payment of required fees.
  2. Coach will retain a copy for his/her records.
  3. All parents/guardians are obligated to pay fees in the Soccer League Fee Schedule.
  4. Parents/guardians are not obligated to pay fees associated with snacks, water, or end of season parties.
  5. If a parent/guardian choses not to pay Fee Schedule additional fees, access to these items/activities are prohibited.
  6. If a parent/guardian has any questions regarding approved fees, they should contact Jorge Carcamo at (626) 744-6514 or
  7. For concerns related to Fraud, Waste or Abuse, please call the City’s Fraud, Waste, Abuse Hotline (626) 744-7448 or online
  8. All questions or concerns will be kept confidential.
  9. Please familiarize yourself with the above information, prior to making any payments.
  10. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

For more information, please contact Jorge Carcamo at (626) 744-6514,

For more information on the girl’s league, contact Marco Bermudez at (626) 744-6511,

Schedule of Games & Ranking

7 vs. 7 Fall-League, 2021

The 7 vs 7 Fall Training & League was established in 2011. In 2019 the league reached registration participation of 604. This is a great introduction-league to the game of soccer. A large soccer field is divided in half where participants play a game of 7 vs 7 simultaneously. Two games taking place at the same time adds to the high energy and excitement. Two 20 minute half’s, one game per week. With less players on the field than your common 11 vs 11 soccer match, participants get the opportunity to touch the ball more often, helping them improve their overall game. The games are fast pace which offers an additional health and fitness benefit.


Date of event/ Fecha del evento: 2021 Season // Temporada 2021

Registration Dates, Days and Time: August 11 – September 11, 2021

Game day Per Division/ Día de juego por División: Mascots: Tuesday // Sixth: Tuesday // Fifth: Wednesday // Fourth: Wednesday // Third: Thursday

Season: September 14 through November 4, 2021 // Playoffs in mid-November 2021.

Address of location/Dirección de ubicación: 363 East Villa Street Pasadena, California 91101 // Villa-Parke Community Center – Soccer Field

Ages/Divisions/ Edades y Divisiones

Divisions by birth year // Las divisiones se forman por año de nacimiento:

  • Mascots – ’17,’16,’15
  • 6th– ’14, ‘13
  • 5th – ’12, ‘11
  • 4th - ’10, ‘09
  • 3rd – ’08, ‘07

 Fee/CuotaPasadena resident fee: $10.00 // Non-resident fee: $90.00


Phone number and email contact/ Número de teléfono y correo electrónico: (626) 744-6530 // or

5 vs. 5 Indoor Soccer League

Join us for exciting be part of the exciting indoor soccer. Indoor soccer has grown tremendously across the nation and we have some of the best at Villa-Parke. Games will be played at Villa-Parke Community Center Gymnasium.

For more information on the girl’s league, contact Marco Bermudez at (626) 744-6511,

Villa Parke Girls Soccer League 2018

The Villa-Parke Girls Soccer League was established in March 2006. The league began with 6 teams and only one division (girls U-10) Due to the low number of girls participating in our coed soccer league, we decided to create the Villa-Parke Girls Soccer League and allow young ladies to compete in an all-girls soccer league. Soon after, many young girls showed interest in the league and began registering in the league.

Since the leagues’ establishment, it has grown to 5 divisions; Division A, Division B, Division C, Division D, and Division E.

Villa Parke Girls Soccer League has a combination of Clubs, AYSO, Recreational, and Community teams. The combination of soccer teams offers local girls the opportunity to join this competitive/recreational league.

The girl’s spring league offers great soccer competition for all levels.

For more information on the girl’s league, contact Marco Bermudez at (626) 744-6511,

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