Park and Facility Reservations - FAQ

Identify and select a facility or park area that you are interested in using for your event.

Submit a reservation request online, by mail, drop off, fax or email to the Park Reservations Desk or Community Center. Please contact City staff to request a copy of a Reservation Request Form if submitting via hardcopy.

Once your completed request form is received, City staff will notify you if the park area you are requesting is available.

If the requested Park area is available, Park Reservations Desk staff will send you a fee estimate.

Submittal of a Reservation Request is required to provide a cost estimate as it contains key event information that determines availability and fees charged (if any).

The City’s Recreation Fee Schedule is available on the City’s website at City's website. Fees are subject to change on an annual basis.

A deposit is required to secure a park area and guarantees your reservation request. No other events or individuals will be allowed to reserve the area you secured once you have paid a deposit. A deposit is also required when 100 or more guests are expected or if heavy equipment will be used at your event.

The schedule of fees (refer to FAQ #2) is approved each year by the City Council. Rates are based on facility operation and maintenance costs with discounted rates offered to Pasadena residents. There are fee tiers for private individual events, nonprofit events and commercial events.

Hourly use rates generally apply for all City facilities & park areas and the City’s General Fee Schedule lists the hourly rates for specific recreation facilities.

Only if you are planning a picnic and have no more than 50 guests. Although picnic areas are subject to being permitted, picnic areas not permitted are open to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. You cannot have any of the following at your non-permitted event:

  • Heavy equipment (e.g. moon bounce)
  • Groups of 51 or more
  • Petting zoos, pony rides or live animals (other than domestic pets)
  • Amplified sound
  • Caterer or other type vendors
  • Alcohol

Depending on the nature of your event in a park, i.e. large expected attendance, traffic impacts, public advertising, etc., your event may need to be coordinated through the City’s Special Events Office. If you believe your event may be large enough to be considered a “Special Event” or for more information, please contact Special Events at (626) 744-7216 or visit the Special Events website.

Park permits are not available on major holidays, e.g. Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, 4th
of July. However, the general public can use picnic areas and park areas on a non-reserved, walk-on basis on holidays with the following restrictions:

  • No heavy equipment (e.g. moon bounce)
  • No groups of 51 or more
  • No petting zoos, pony rides or live animals (other than domestic pets)
  • No amplified sound
  • No alcohol
  • No caterers or other type vendors

If you will have amplified sound at your event (e.g., a small band, DJ, microphone, etc.), you are required to have an “Amplification Permit” and the services of a Sound Monitor.

If you will have alcohol at your event, you are required to secure an “Alcohol Permit” and pay for the services of a City-assigned Alcohol Monitor. If selling alcohol, additional requirements apply. Alcohol can only be permitted at the following park locations: Brookside Park, Central Park, La Casita del Arroyo, and Memorial Park.

If you will have tents at your event, a tent permit must be secured at least 10 business

days before the event. Additional fees may apply.

Event Insurance is required for:

  • Any heavy equipment (e.g. moon bounce)
  • Groups of 100 or more
  • Any group using sports fields
  • Serving alcohol
  • Petting zoos, pony rides or live animals (other than domestic pets)
  • An event that is catered or using other vendors.
  • If you do not have insurance, please visit Tenant User Liability Insurance Program application.
  • Seasonal Sports – Park permits to utilize City sports fields on a seasonal basis are issued to sports groups twice each year. Each October, applications are accepted for sports activities operating between January 1 to June 30; each April, applications are accepted for sports activities held during July 1 to December 31 of each year.
  • All available sports fields are assigned each season based on priority. Local priority is given to sports groups with at least 60% Pasadena residents and serving Pasadena as the primary service area. If you have missed the period to apply for sports fields, you must wait until the following permitting period to apply for fields.
  • One-day sporting event – You may submit a Reservation Request Form to use a particular field at least 30 business days in advance. Park Reservations Desk staff will notify you if the field you are requesting is available.
  • The minimum rental period is 4 hours, which may include one hour of set-up and one hour of clean-up time. A $225.00 refundable damage deposit and Event Insurance are required for your event.
  • La Casita events must remain inside the building – no tables, chairs or service outside.
  • Balloons or signs at the gates or gardens are not permitted and are allowed only inside the facility and the main entrance of the building.
  • Rental Fees: During set-up & clean-up the rate is $40.00/per hour for Residents and $60/per hour for Non-Residents (see other rates below).
  • Alcohol is restricted to the inside of the building. Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the building.
  • A Facility Attendant is required for the duration of your event. The Facility Attendant will open and close La Casita and monitor the event.
  • A Sound Monitor is required if using amplified sound (e.g., a live band, DJ, microphone).
  • An Alcohol Monitor is required if alcohol is available at the event. All activities, including clean-up, must end by 10 pm.

There are three types of parks located throughout the City:

Citywide Parks are the larger parks and tend to be the busiest as well. These are popular for use by sports groups and special events throughout the year. Brookside Park can accommodate large picnics (from 500 to 1,500 attendees) and has ample parking available.

  • Brookside Park, including Area H
  • Hahamongna Park (limited parking and picnic areas)
  • Lower Arroyo Park (limited parking, no picnic areas)

Community Parks are utilized for smaller to mid-size scale special events and are home to several sports facilities and playgrounds.

  • Central Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Robinson Park
  • Victory Park
  • Villa Parke

Neighborhood Parks are the smallest parks and can accommodate small picnics (generally up to 50 attendees) and several of the parks have children’s play areas and sports fields. Parking is very limited at Neighborhood Parks.

  • Allendale Park
  • Brenner Park
  • Defenders Park
  • Eaton Blanche Park
  • Sunnyslope Park
  • Grant Park
  • Hamilton Park
  • McDonald Park
  • Jefferson Park
  • Gwinn Park
  • Singer Park
  • La Pintoresca Park
  • San Rafael Park
  • Vina Vieja Park
  • Washington Park

Community Centers can accommodate indoor events.

A park permit is required pursuant to the City’s Municipal Code.

3.24.050 Application for reservations and permit.

  1. No person shall use any premises or facilities described herein when payment of a fee is required until a permit for such use has been granted by city and all necessary fees have been paid.
  2. Any person desiring to reserve any football field, baseball diamond, tennis court, swimming pool, picnic facility, or other park facilities, the Fannie E. Morrison Horticultural Center, or any clubhouse facility within a park, shall apply for a permit. Such application shall be in writing, giving the name of the facility, the proposed use, the date of its proposed use, and the person to whom the permit is to be granted.
  3. The responsible city official shall require the payment of all fees prescribed by this code and may impose reasonable conditions for the use of said premises.
  4. If the responsible city official determines that the proposed use would be detrimental to the health and safety of the people of the city or to the efficient operation of the facility, he shall refuse to issue a permit; otherwise, the permit shall be issued or issued with conditions after payment of the applicable fees and compliance by the applicant with any requirements imposed by law.
  5. If the responsible city official determines that a contract for the use of the premises is required, he shall furnish a form of contract to the applicant for execution, which shall thereafter be submitted to the city attorney for approval. The city manager is authorized and directed to execute such an approved contract for and on behalf of the city.
  6. The city manager may review any determination of a city official in regard to such applications, permits or contracts.
  7. No person shall apply for a permit to use any of said premises for any purpose with the intent to defraud the city of any fee or fees.
  8. If any fee or fees for the use of any of said premises is not paid when due, the city manager shall be notified of said non -payment.