Parks Make Life Better!

The City of Pasadena Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department (PRCS) celebrates Parks Make Life Better Month! every July. Throughout the month, residents and visitors can enjoy a wide array of fun-filled activities and events designed to engage the community and showcase all that Pasadena has to offer within its 26 parks . This national observance is aimed at promoting the benefits of parks and recreational spaces that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. Parks Make Life Better Month also serves as a reminder of the significant role parks play in fostering a healthy and thriving community. Each park offers unique amenities and provides a sanctuary where individuals of all ages can connect with nature, participate in recreational activities, and create lasting memories.

Community Comments: How Do Parks Make Life Better for You?

“Parks are beautiful to walk around in and they are very calming.”

“Getting out in nature makes my life better. The exercise and fresh air and exposure to plants improves my mood, helps me to reflect, and relax. More parks with a variety of amenities are better for our great city.”

“Seeing continual activity (families at McDonald Park) – same for other park I drive through in Pasadena.”

“Parks encourage me and my dog to exercise as I walk to my local park. While there, my sense of mindfulness increases as I admire the trees, birds, squirrels, etc. Parks improve my health and mental health!”

“Victory Park is a wonderful place to walk and decompress after a lousy workday. It is a perfect place to watch the changing light on our beautiful mountains.”

“Parks offer a place for me to exercise outdoors, take in nature, scenic views, and fresh air on a regular basis, and offers a place for my community to gather and play. They are essential to me for mental health care and a higher quality of life.”

“A place for the community to come together, participate in recreational activities, and have the opportunity to participate in city-led events.”

“What I like about Pasadena parks: using greywater to irrigate space; green space improves our environment overall; destinations for parents to take children to run around and play outside; opportunities for outdoor art such as exhibitions and music; space for various community and cultural events; opportunities for peaceful support of parks by City Police and Parks & Rec staff.”