Special Events

The City of Pasadena’s PRCS Special Events Office strives in helping events that bring the community together to take place safely and successfully on its streets and in its parks. This office processes applications for review by the appropriate City Departments and assists event organizers through the permitting process for events that happen within the City of Pasadena. The Special Event Coordinator serves as your primary contact with the City of Pasadena Departments.

The PRCS Special Events Office is also responsible for creating safe and fun Citywide festivals for the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, such as the Fall Festival, Egg Bowl & Mayor’s Annual Holiday Tree Lighting.

Within this site are guidelines and requirements, event calendars, and contact information.

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Planning Special Events

Thank you for your interest in considering the City of Pasadena for your upcoming special event. We host hundreds of annual events that take place in our parks, streets, and facilities including festivals, block parties, walks and marathons, ceremonies and many more.

What is a Special Event?

  • A special event is any activity open to the public taking place in a City park, street, or other City facility.
  • Private events which impede on the Public Right of Way may also be subject to a special events permit.
  • Large private events taking place on City property, depending on the nature of the event, may also require a special events permit

Types of Events

  • Concerts, Fund-raising events, Running events
  • Parades, Bicycle races, Car Shows
  • Fairs, Promotional events, Community Oriented Events
  • Festivals, Marathons, Ceremonial, Programs

Before we can approve your event, we need more information from you. Please complete a Special Event Inquiry Sheet to provide us more information about your proposed event.

Depending on the size and scope of your event, applications must be received anywhere from 9 months to 6 months prior to your event day.

Once you complete the Special Event Inquiry Sheet, please forward it to one of the following City Departments depending on the type of event proposed:

Event Fees

The General Fee Schedule is adopted by City Council annually and becomes effective on July 1st of each year. Check all fees that apply to your proposed event to create an estimate for any potential event fees. Hourly public safety personnel fees (police & fire) are not listed. Please click on the link below to view fees.

Special Event Fees

Events Calendar

City Hall Events

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department Special Events Office

Weddings and private events at City Hall in the courtyard and/or rotunda. Events open to the public require a special events permit from the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department Special Events Office.

City Hall Courtyard or Rotunda Areas Permit Application

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department Special Events Office

Community-Oriented Events

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department Special Events Office

Local in nature and geared towards a particular constituency are coordinated by the Human Services & Recreation Department. (Examples include: 5k’s, cultural festivals, ceremonial events, street festivals, and non-profit fundraisers).

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department Special Events Inquiry Sheet

Dolores McConnell
Special Events Coordinator
(626) 744-7507

Personal photography does not require a commercial film permit, however professional photographers are required to have a Pasadena Business License. For further information, please contact the Business License division at (626) 744-4166.