277 N El Molino Ave

277 N El Molino Ave


The proposed project would include demolition of the two existing on-site buildings and all surface parking to allow for the construction of a six-story, 122,206-gross square-foot, multi-family residential development 31,317-square-foot building footprint). The proposed project would include 56 one-bedroom units and 49 two-bedroom units for a total of 105 residential units. Of the 105 units, nine would be designated for affordable housing. The proposed residential building consists of five residential stories over two stories of parking, one at grade and one subterranean level.  In total, the project provides 154 parking stalls and 18 bicycle parking spaces.

The six story (plus partial mezzanine) building would have an average height of 55 feet, with a 75-foot maximum height to the top of the mezzanine along Corson Street.  The proposed project would develop 105 units of high density residential housing on a 0.98 acre site which exceeds the maximum permitted density of 87 units per acre. However, in compliance with California State Law, the applicant may request an increase to the number of residential units associated with the project. Through density bonus, the applicant may request to exceed the allowable density as long as a percentage of the units associated with the project are dedicated as affordable units. The proposed project would develop nine units that would be reserved as very low income housing which equates to eleven percent of the 85 units allowed by-right.   Per Section 17.43.040.B of the City’s Zoning Code, a project providing eleven percent as very low income units is eligible for a maximum of 35 percent density bonus, or in this case 30 additional units for a maximum of 115 units.

Consistent with California State Law, the City’s Zoning Code permits a project that is utilizing a density bonus increase to request one or more concessions, or deviations, from an applicable development standard, provided the concessions are necessary for the provision of the affordable units.  Per Section 17.43.050 of the Zoning Code, this request is processed through the Affordable Housing Concession Permit process.

The proposed project requires the following land use entitlements:

  • Affordable Housing Concession Permit to increase the maximum allowable floor area ratio (FAR) from 2.25 to 2.86. The maximum permitted FAR on the subject 42,710 square foot property is 2.25, or 96,098 square feet. The gross floor area of the proposed building is 122,206 square feet, which equates to 2.286 floor area ratio.
  • Affordable Housing Concession Permit to allow additional height through height averaging over more than 30 percent of the building footprint.  The maximum building height allowed on the subject site is 60-feet.
    When utilizing height averaging up to 30 percent of the building footprint may exceed the 60-foot height limit up to a maximum height of 75 feet.  The project proposes to exceed the 60-foot height limit over 55 percent of the building footprint.
  • Minor Variance to reduce the minimum required 10-foot setback along Corson Street. The project proposes a 3-foot setback.