Student Art Wall

Sponsored by the City and the Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission, the student art wall displays artwork by approximately 30 Pasadena Unified School District students ranging in age from Kindergarten through grade 12. A panel of Arts Commissioners and community arts experts chose the artwork from the No Boundaries PUSD student art exhibit .

Entitled Bridging Boundaries: Student Art Connecting the Pasadena Community, the student art wall exhibition demonstrates the City of Pasadena’s commitment to a collaborative alliance between PUSD, the City and Pasadena’s plethora of arts and culture organizations. Furthermore, Bridging Boundaries illustrates the City’s enduring efforts to accomplish the goals of access and equity as outlined in the Cultural Nexus Master Plan, specifically, "supporting the efforts of the community’s arts and education providers."

“Bridging Boundaries” represents the City’s recognition of the importance of the arts in Pasadena’s public schools.

A collaboration between PUSD and the City’s Arts & Culture Commission, Bridging Boundaries is an on-line exhibition of PUSD student artwork each year.