Film Calendar

Start DateEnd DateLocationProduction CompanyProduction Type
2023/10/11E. Villa St.Sentient Productions, LTDTV Series
2023/10/09E. Villa St.Sentient Productions, LTDTV Series
2023/10/11S. Fair Oaks Ave.Sentient Productions, LTDTV Series
2023/10/09S. Fair Oaks Ave.Sentient Productions, LTDTV Series
2023/09/292023/09/30Mesita Rd.The Lovely WorksStill Photography
2023/09/27S. Raymond Ave.Soapbox FilmsCommercial
2023/09/20Rose Bowl Dr.Kindly ProductionsStill Photography
2023/09/25S. Oakland Ave.Matador ProductionsStills/B Roll
2023/09/16W. Holly St.New York Film AcademyStudent
2023/09/14S. Fair Oaks Ave.By The Grape Of Movie LLCFeature
2023/09/15S. Oak Knoll Ave.Lounge UnderwearStills/B Roll
2023/09/14E. Sierra Madre Blvd.Moxie PicturesCommercial
2023/09/14Mar Vista Ave.Related StudioStills/B Roll
2023/09/13Holly Vista Dr.State Bird Creative, LLCCommercial
2023/09/10E. Green St.USC Film SchoolStudent
2023/09/02E. Green St.USC Film SchoolStudent
2023/09/03E. Del Mar Blvd.Lucky Dog Production, LLCTV Series
2023/09/03E. Washington Blvd.UCLA Extension, Directing ProgramStudent
2023/08/31S. Grand Ave.Fox and LeopardStill Photography
2023/09/02S. San Rafael Ave.The HermozaStill Photography
2023/08/29E. Elizabeth St.Yo! Maude ProductionsReality TV
2023/08/282023/08/29S. Oakland Ave.Sanctuary ContentCommercial
2023/08/28S. Grand Ave.Sirens Design, LLCStills/B Roll
2023/09/302023/10/01S. De Lacey Ave.Claxton Productions, INC.Commercial Interview
2023/08/22E. Elizabeth St.Custom FamilyStills
2023/08/28S. Oak Knoll Ave.Lucy In the Sky, Inc.Stills/B Roll
2023/08/172023/08/18N. Mar Vista Ave.Preston Richardson Productions, LLCStills/B Roll
2023/08/16Linda Vista Ave.Commondeer, LLCCommercial
2023/08/152023/08/16S. Oakland Ave.PETER MILLAR, LLCStills/B Roll
2023/08/132023/08/15N. Michigan Ave.Picture 304Commercial
2023/08/13S. Arroyo Blvd.Vendetta Entertainment, LLCCommercial
2023/08/10N. Mar Vista Ave.Seamless ProductionsStills/B Roll
2023/08/07E. Woodlyn Rd.22 Waves CreativeStills/B Roll
2023/08/11N. Garfield Ave.ArtCenter College of DesignStudent
2023/08/06N. Garfield Ave.Knox Projects, LLCCommercial
2023/08/13Rose Bowl Dr.Stage3 AgencyWeb
2023/08/042023/08/07E. Foothill Blvd.We Make MoviesShort Film
2023/08/02E. California BlvdGET IT ProductionsStills/B Roll
2023/08/10E. Foothill Blvd.Studio 6688, LLCFeature
2023/08/022023/08/03N. Raymond Ave.American Film InstituteStudent
2023/07/262023/07/27Lancashire PlaceSidestilt, LLCReality TV
2023/07/30Mesita Rd.kvell collective, llcStill Photography
2023/07/302023/08/04N. Lake Ave.USC's School of Cinematic ArtsStudent
2023/07/24Palmetto Dr.SEQS, LLCStill Photography
2023/08/02S. San RafaelPinkBlush MaternityStill Photography
2023/07/21Rose Bowl Dr.Spoon FilmsCommercial
2023/07/19Rose Bowl Dr.O PositiveCommercial
2023/07/12Lincoln Ave.PrettybirdCommercial
2023/07/06S. Arroyo PkwyLOOK AD ME, LLC.Commercial
2023/09/052023/09/29E. Green St.Marathon Productions, Inc.Reality TV
2023/08/172023/09/03E. Green St.Marathon Productions, Inc.Reality TV
2023/08/122023/08/13E. Green St.Marathon Productions, Inc.Reality TV
2023/07/202023/07/21E. California BlvdTtweakNon-Profit
2023/06/30E. Colorado Blvd.Reset ContentCommercial
2023/06/28Medford Rd.Sura Productions, Inc.Stills
2023/06/26S. Oakland Ave.Revolver FilmsStills/B Roll
2023/06/242023/06/25E. Colorado Blvd.Film Independent, Inc.Non-Profit
2023/06/25W. Walnut St.Unwinding, LLCFeature
2023/06/17S. Arroyo PkwyAlien Perspective, LLCFeature
2023/06/20Old Pasadena Management DistrictSkechersStills
2023/06/22E. Del Mar Blvd.University of Colorado BoulderShort Film
2023/06/14Linda Vista Ave.Furlined, LLCCommercial
2023/06/11S. Grand Ave.Signature EntertainmentDirector's Reel
2023/06/12Bellefontaine St.IconoclastCommercial
2023/06/14Rose Bowl Dr.One Tree Forest Films, Inc.Web
2023/06/12Rose Bowl Dr.One Tree Forest Films, Inc.Web
2023/06/08E. Green St.Dreambear, LLCWeb
2023/06/08N. Mar Vista Ave.Dreambear, LLCWeb
2023/06/072023/06/08W. Walnut St.Legend of the White Dragon, LLCFeature
2023/06/07Rose Bowl Dr.Sweet RickeyCommercial
2023/06/03S. St. John Ave.Fever Dream, LLCShort Film
2023/06/01S. Oakland Ave.Warner Brothers TVStill Photography
2023/05/30Lincoln Ave.Carried Away Media, Inc.Reality TV
2023/05/19Lancashire PlaceCNE Productions, LLCWeb
2023/05/232023/05/24E. Mountain St.Station FilmCommercial
2023/06/15S. St. John Ave.Fox Alternative EntertainmentReality TV
2023/05/17Mar Vista Ave.Advanced Color TheoryStill Photography
2023/05/22Lancashire PlaceDubfoster, LLCStills/B Roll
2023/05/17S. Raymond Ave.Universal Television, LLCTV Series
2023/05/04Linda Vista Ave.ResetCommercial
2023/05/11N. Garfield Ave.ErgobabyCommercial
2023/05/05S. Oakland Ave.Anonymous ContentCommercial
2023/05/06Holly St.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/06Garfield Ave.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/06S. Oakland Ave.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/06Los Robles Ave.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/06S. Euclid Ave.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/06E. Green St.Bikini FilmsCommercial
2023/05/012023/05/04Columbia St.Lulu & GeorgiaStill Photography
2023/05/03S. Oakland Ave.DIFF EyewearStill Photography
2023/04/30El MolinoEleanorCommercial
2023/04/30Oak Knoll CircleEleanorCommercial
2023/04/30E. Colorado Blvd.T206 Pictures, LLCMusic Video
2023/04/302023/05/01N. MadisonT206 Pictures, LLCMusic Video
2023/05/10Rose Bowl Dr.Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.TV Series
2023/05/152023/05/17S. San Rafael Ave.Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.TV Series
2023/05/112023/05/12S. San Rafael Ave.Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.TV Series
2023/04/222023/04/23Mesita Rd.Fletcher CreatesStill Photography
2023/04/27Prospect Blvd.Tool of North AmericaCommercial
2023/04/282023/04/30Laguna Rd.William Sonoma, Inc.Stills/B Roll
2023/04/242023/04/25Rose Bowl Dr.IconoclastCommercial
2023/04/19E. Green St.O'Malley ProductionsReality TV
2023/04/14S. San Rafael Ave.F21 OpCo, LLCStill Photography
2023/04/18Miller AlleySequitur CinemaStills
2023/04/192023/04/20E. Green St.Sibling RivalryCommercial
2023/04/17S. Grand Ave.JB CA Film 3Music Video
2023/04/132023/04/14San Pasqual St.Optimist Films, Inc.Commercial
2023/04/12Burleigh Dr.88 Phases Inc.Stills/B Roll
2023/04/12Rose Bowl Dr.SMAC Productions, Inc.Documentary
2023/04/17E. Colorado Blvd.Moonbug Production USA, LLCReality TV
2023/04/06Whitefield Rd.Stadium Creative Group, LLCOnline Promo
2023/04/11E. Mountain St.Anchor EntertainmentTV Series
2023/04/112023/04/14E. Green St.Marathon ProductionsTV Series
2023/04/042023/04/06E. Green St.Marathon ProductionsTV Series
2023/04/012023/04/02E. Green St.Marathon ProductionsTV Series
2023/04/04S. OaklandGTS ProductionsStill Photography
2023/03/29S. Grand Ave.The Drive CompaniesMusic Video
2023/03/282023/03/29Linda Vista Ave.The Big Tree, LLCStills/B Roll
2023/04/27N. Garfield Ave.Beacon Law LLPStills
2023/03/28S. OaklandWarner Bros TVTV Series
2023/03/30Linda Vista Ave.Anderson Hopkins dba Kindly ProductionsStills/B Roll
2023/03/23S. El Molino Ave.Art Center College of DesignStudent
2023/03/23N RaymondSmuggler Inc.Commercial
2023/03/23E. Green St.New York Film AcademyStudent
2023/03/23E. Colorado Blvd.EverlaneStills
2023/03/30Paloma St.The Wall Productions, LLCCommercial
2023/03/25S. Arroyo PkwyNeed'em Prod.Still Photography
2023/03/23N. El MolinoTodd Selby, Inc.Still Photography
2023/03/23W Del MarFilm MIACommercial/Stills
2023/03/222023/03/23San Rafael Ln.Film MIACommercial/Stills
2023/03/172023/03/19E. Foothill Blvd.ImposterPSA
2023/03/17Mira Vista TerraceInstrument, LLCStill Photography
2023/03/22E. HollyCompelling PicturesWeb
2023/03/212023/03/22N RaymondCompelling PicturesWeb
2023/03/202023/03/24Malcolm Dr.Seamless ProductionsStill Photography
2023/03/17Malcolm Dr.Seamless ProductionsStill Photography
2023/03/15S. Grand Ave.JB CA Film 3Feature
2023/03/22S. OaklandFNJ HummingbirdShort Film
2023/03/14Rose Bowl Dr.Fin StudiosCommercial
2023/03/10S. Grand Ave.Pogi StudiosTV Series/Stills
2023/03/152023/03/16E. California BlvdSpur ProductionsStill Photography
2023/03/11La Loma Rd.EleanorCommercial
2023/03/09S. Los RoblesTuff Contender, LLCCommercial
2023/03/142023/03/15S. St. John Ave.Serial PicturesCommercial
2023/03/15Inverness DriveMotherhood ProductionsTV Series
2023/03/14S RaymondMotherhood ProductionsTV Series
2023/03/132023/03/16Waldo Ave.Art Center College of DesignStudent
2023/03/23Rose Bowl Dr.A3LA, LLCFeature
2023/03/10Rose Bowl Dr.A3LA, LLCFeature
2023/03/072023/03/08Rose Bowl Dr.A3LA, LLCFeature
2023/03/05S. Los RoblesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaMusic Video
2023/02/232023/02/24N. Oakland Ave.Grey Matter GroupCalloway Documentary
2023/02/26Rose Bowl Dr.PrettybirdCommercial
2023/03/14S Oak Knoll AveWarner Bros TVTV Series
2023/03/03N Garfield AveFam BrandsStill Photography
2023/03/282023/03/30E Green StMarathon Productions Inc.TV Series
2023/03/252023/03/26E. Green StMarathon Productions Inc.TV Series
2023/03/04Rose Bowl Dr.SocietyCommercial
2023/02/27S Marengo AveFrench ProductionsCommercial/Stills
2023/02/21S Raymond AveGlanbia Performance Nutrition Stills and B-Roll
2023/02/16E Colorado BlvdSmuggler IncCommercial
2023/02/16S Pasadena AveThe Den Productions Inc TV Series
2023/02/12Rose Bowl DrAdvance Magazine Publishers IncStills
2023/02/142023/02/16N Mar Vista AveWorld War SevenCommercial
2023/02/13 N San RafaelWolvvsWeb
2023/02/13S Oakland AveO PositiveCommercial
2023/02/27Burleigh Dr.The SympathizerTV Series
2023/02/11S Oakland Between E Colorado and E GreenArts & Sciences ProductionCommercial
2023/02/132023/02/16 S Oak Knoll AveUniversal TelevisionTV Series
2023/02/08South side Green, Marengo & Los RoblesCrescent International Stills
2023/02/08E Colorado Blvd20th Television TV Series
2023/02/082023/02/09S Oakland Ave20th TelevisionTV Series
2023/02/08Dayton St, Fair Oaks Ave - Pasadena AveSquare Planet MediaCommercial
2023/02/23Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2023/02/04Las Lunas StArt Center College of DesignStudent
2023/02/05Lombardy RdWest of 20 ProductionsCommercial
2023/02/022023/01/03E Elizabeth StWatchmakers EntertainmentIndustrial
2023/01/31S Raymond AveSandwich Video IncCommercial
2023/01/27S Grand AveVeiledStill Photography
2023/02/03Avenue 64Chapman UniversityStudent
2023/02/05S Oakland AveWarner Brothers TVTV Series
2023/01/29E Green StThe Werk Howse, Inc.Reality TV
2023/01/25S Oakland AveGroup ThrpyCommercial
2023/01/27Mesita RdPortfolio One IncStills and B-Roll
2023/01/25N El Molino AveB Kramer Productions IncStills and B-roll
2023/01/20W State StEightfold CreativeCommercial
2023/01/20W Walnut StAnonymous ContentCommercial
2023/01/182023/01/19N Grand AveNext Step Productions, LLCTV Series
2023/01/192023/01/20S Raymond AveAlpen Pictures Web
2023/01/112023/01/14Holladay RdWe Make Movies, Inc.Short Film
2023/02/092023/02/10Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLCReality TV
2023/01/23Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLCReality TV
2023/02/012023/02/02Paloma StSBE Productions US LLCReality TV
2023/01/18Paloma StSBE Productions US LLCReality TV
2023/01/19S Raymond AveSupply And DemandCommercial
2023/02/02N Garfield AveCurrent AirStill Photography
2023/01/13Burleigh DrSirens Design LLCStill Photography
2023/01/11Prospect CrescentCBAV Inc/World LocationsStill Photography
2023/01/192023/01/25Avenue 64Netflix, Inc.Feature
2023/01/15Wicks RdLoyola Marymount UniversityStudent
2022/12/15Mar Vista AveKim Lansill ProductionStills
2022/12/122022/12/14E Colorado BlvdSasa Ventures LLCReality TV
2022/12/122022/12/14Lancashire PlYBM Company LLCIndustrial
2022/12/09S Gand AveGoldie ProductionsStills
2022/12/06Arlington DrDita IncWeb
2022/12/12S San Rafael AveHorroxStills
2022/12/14Rose Bowl DrHens Tooth ProductionsB-Roll and Stills
2022/12/09N Meridith AveArtCenter College of DesignStudent Film
2022/12/132022/12/14N Orange Grove BlvdO PositiveCommercial
2022/12/11S Lake AveDeadly Debt the Movie LLCTV Movie
2022/12/03S Arroyo BlvdLighthouse FilmsWeb
2022/12/102022/12/11S De Lacey AveClaxton Productions, INC.Commercial
2022/11/30E Foothill BlvdAnemoneartistsCommercial
2022/12/14S Raymond AveUniversal Content ProductionsCommercial
2022/12/01Fox Ridge DrSBE Entertainment US LLCReality TV
2022/11/29S Oakland AveO Positive LLCCommercial
2022/11/19Rose Bowl DrBleacher ReportWeb
2022/11/23E Green StSuper Cool Creative Agency Commercial
2022/11/17S Arroyo BlvdPushkin IndustriesStills
2022/11/22E Green StName Brand Ads/Visit PasadenaCommercial
2022/11/17S Oakland AveBAM ProductionsStills & B-roll
2022/11/17S Raymond AveApple Studios LLCTV Series
2022/11/172022/11/18E Foothill BlvdNext Step Productions TV Series
2022/11/16N Garfield AveMELT PICTURESStills
2022/11/15S Grand Ave88 Phases IncStills and B-Roll
2022/11/17Linda Vista AveYork ProductionsStills
2022/11/282022/11/29Glorieta StLace TV & Film Productions LLC TV Series
2022/11/212022/11/23Glorieta StLace TV & Film Productions LLC TV Series
2022/11/28Kirkwood AveLace TV & Film Productions TV Series
2022/11/142022/11/18Glorieta StLace TV & Film Productions LLCTV Series
2022/11/122022/11/13La Loma RdChapman UniversityStudent Film
2022/11/122022/11/13Lancashire Pl Lowland Kids Film LLCDoc
2022/11/02Paloma StSBE Entertainment US LLC Reality TV
2022/11/15N Lake AveUniversal Content Productions LLCTV Series
2022/11/05E Colorado BlvdSwiss SquaredWeb
2022/11/052022/11/06N Hudson AveLoyola Marymount UniversityStudent Film
2022/11/10San Pasqual StRSA FilmsCommercial
2022/11/18N Garfield AveAir Productions Stills
2022/11/06Barthe DrArtCenter College of DesignStudent Film
2022/11/01Washington Blvd Resin Projects LLCStills and B-Roll
2022/11/18Oak Grove Dr, N Windsor Ave - Foothill Fwy OverpassMesquite ProductionsTV Series
2022/11/03Bellmore WayAlways Smiling Productions LLCTV Series
2022/10/262022/10/27La Loma RdUntitledCommercial
2022/11/10S San Rafael Ave3 Star ProductionsStills and B-Roll
2022/10/28Mar Vista AveArpen Productions, Inc Stills and B-roll
2022/10/27E Elizabeth StArpen Productions, IncStills and B-roll
2022/10/22W Hammond StArt Center College of DesignStudent
2022/10/222022/10/23S Raymond AveAnonymous ContentCommercial
2022/10/22S Arroyo BlvdHey Presto Short Film
2022/10/20Sa Pasqual StAM Stock Stills
2022/10/20Orange Grove BlvdAM StockStills
2022/10/20Linda Vista AveAM StockStills
2022/11/112022/11/03S Euclid AveMesquite ProductionsTV Series
2022/10/23S Oak Knoll AveRhianna RuleMagazine Cover Shoot
2022/10/26Oak Grove DrAsics Digital, INC.Stills and B-Roll
2022/12/112022/12/14W Walnut StHazel’s Ghost, LLC Feature
2022/12/052022/12/07S Orange Grove BlvdHazel’s Ghost, LLCFeature
2022/11/302022/12/02S Orange Grove BlvdHazel’s Ghost, LLCFeature
2022/10/13S Oak Knoll AveTrailer Park, Inc.Stills and Interviews
2022/10/14E Green StSuper Cool CreativeCommercial
2022/10/182022/10/19S San Rafael AveThe Great IncorporatedStills
2022/11/29Paloma StSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/11/09Paloma StSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/10/172022/10/18Chateau RdMinim ProductionsTV Series
2022/10/14N Los Robles AveMinim ProductionsTV Series
2022/10/18E Jackson StSanctuary ContentCommercial
2022/10/15N Lake AvePrettybirdCommercial
2022/10/19Mesita RdSmoking Tigers Film, LLCFeature
2022/10/13E Elizabeth StTeam MaydayCommercial
2022/10/12E Elizabeth StScorpion DesignCommercial
2022/10/15Heatherside RdNissan North America Inc JB5 ProductionsStills
2022/10/20N Garfield AveBridge Advisory Stills
2022/10/20N Arroyo BlvdBridge AdvisoryStills
2022/10/09E Elizabeth StSlickforce Inc.Commercial
2022/10/03N Los Robles AveZiyi Etiquette Corp Feature
2022/10/102022/10/11N Los RoblesZiyi Etiquette CorpFeature
2022/10/06W Walnut StUmbrella Los Angeles LLC Stills
2022/10/04W Walnut StUmbrella Los Angeles LLCStills
2022/09/282022/09/29S Oakland AveSpang TVCommercial
2022/10/012022/10/03Wellington AveNew York Film AcademyStudent Film
2022/09/28E Green StLime Grove Productions LLCReality TV
2022/09/282022/09/30Cordova StParamount Global/ New Remote Productions Reality TV
2022/09/29S Oak Knoll AveParamount Global/ New Remote ProductionsReality TV
2022/09/262022/09/27E Green StEmerald City films LLCStudent Film
2022/09/22Lincoln AveCrosswalk Productions LLCReality TV
2022/09/29E Colorado BlvdAbso Lutely ProductionsTV Series
2022/10/10Walnut StKYS Group CorpStills
2022/10/10Walnut StKYS Group CorpStill Photography
2022/09/212022/09/22S OaklandPartizan EntertainmentCommercial
2022/09/282022/09/29Linda Vista AvePretty BirdCommercial
2022/10/02W Walnut StVictor AtkinsShort Film
2022/09/282022/09/29Paloma StSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/09/22Paloma StSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/09/21Lancashire PlWild Goats CreativeCorporate
2022/09/16S Oak Knoll AveWindsor FashionsStills
2022/09/23Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/09/16N El Molino AveBuckCommercial
2022/09/13Arroyo View DrOpen House Productions Reality TV
2022/09/23Rose Villa StApple StudiosTV Series
2022/09/13N Raymond AveWondertree Media Commercial
2022/09/13Holly St Wondertree Media Commercial
2022/09/13E Colorado BlvdWondertree Media Commercial
2022/09/13E Del Mar BlvdWondertree Media Commercial
2022/09/13E Green StWondertree Media Commercial
2022/09/13S Raymond AveWondertree MediaCommercial
2022/09/14Lancashire StZappos.comStills
2022/09/15S San Rafael AveFrenzy StudioCommercial
2022/10/01S Raymond AveLucky Dog Productions LLC TV Series
2022/09/12S Oakland AveWindsor Fashion Holdings, LLCStills
2022/09/09Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/09/05E Walnut StFriendly Filmworks TV Series
2022/09/10N Lake AveErika NavarroNarrative Short - Non Profit
2022/09/26Foothill FWY Overpass Oak Grove and WindsorABC SignatureTV Series
2022/09/24S Madison AveThe Runs IncWeb
2022/09/102022/09/11S Madison AveThe Runs IncWeb
2022/09/25S Marengo AveThe Runs IncWeb
2022/09/032022/09/04N Chester AveZiyao LiuDirector's Reel
2022/09/01S Arroyo PkwyImage + NoiseCommercial
2022/09/16S Raymond AvePaige Dorian INCCommercial
2022/08/31Rosemont AveTiger House Films LLCCommercial
2022/09/21N Garfield AvePink Blush MaternityStill Photography
2022/08/30S Grand AveTurning Point StudiosDocu-drama
2022/09/132022/09/15S Oak Knoll AveNetflix Productions LLCTV Series
2022/08/26Laguna RdWays & MeansCommercial
2022/09/19Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLCReality TV
2022/09/03Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/08/29Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/08/23Fox Ridge DrSBE Productions US LLC Reality TV
2022/08/24E Elizabeth StKim Lansill ProductionsStills
2022/08/242022/08/25S Grand AveScrambled Movie, LLCFeature
2022/08/23San Miguel RdScrambled Movie, LLCFeature
2022/08/16W Mountain StFiction PicturesCommercial
2022/08/23Bellefontaine StMesquite Productions IncTV Series
2022/08/15S Arroyo PkwyParamount TV StudiosTV Series
2022/08/22S Oakland AveEmerald city films llcStudent Film
2022/08/16Ave 64Kodama ProductionsShort Film
2022/08/15E Green StGail Salmo ProductionsStills
2022/08/26N Mar Vista AveAtelier Management Stills and B-Roll
2022/08/24San Pasqual StAtelier Management Stills and B-roll
2022/08/172022/08/17Redwood DrABC SignatureTV Series
2022/08/312022/09/01N Raymond AveCooler Waters Productions LLCTV Series
2022/08/18N Mar Vista AveDavid Roascio ProductionsStills
2022/08/08E Washington Blvd from Lincoln Ave to N Allen AveMorton Jankel Zander, Inc.Commercial
2022/08/08W Montana St from Canada Ave to Casitas AveMorton Jankel Zander, Inc.Commercial
2022/08/22Brandon StLightForce PicturesPitch
2022/08/162022/08/18Brandon StLightForce PicturesPitch
2022/08/06Congress StFace Haus Productions, LLCStills
2022/08/10E Elizabeth StShooter ProductionsStills
2022/08/08Seco StWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/08/08N Arroyo Blvd Warner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/08/09E Colorado BlvdOne Eyed King Films LLCMusic Video
2022/08/092022/08/10S St John AveMorton Jankel Zander, Inc.Commercial
2022/08/15S Grand AveApple Studios LLCTV Series
2022/08/08Rose Bowl DrWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/08/02N Arroyo Blvd, between Rosemont Ave and Seco StFurlinedCommercial
2022/08/04Lancashire PlPopp Popp LLCStills and B-Roll
2022/07/27E Elizabeth StPilgrim Post LLCCommercial
2022/07/25S Los Robles AveJuniper VisualsMusic Video
2022/07/26N Mar Vista AveNights & WeekendsStills and B-Roll
2022/08/02Rose Bowl DrFurlinedCommercial
2022/08/02Avenue 64Friendly FilmworksTV Series
2022/07/252022/07/26N Michigan York ProductionsShort Film
2022/07/28S Oakland AveSirens Designs LLCStills
2022/07/212022/07/22E Washington BlvdClip PicturesStills
2022/08/092022/09/14Cordova StMarathon ProductionsReality TV
2022/07/192022/07/20E Del Mar BlvdUnfound ObjectsShort Film
2022/07/19Rose Bowl DrGifted YouthCommercial
2022/07/14N Euclid AveBig indie Theta, IncTV Series
2022/07/12Linda Vista AveHyperion Productions LLCCommercial
2022/07/23N Chester AveArtCenter College of DesignStudent Film
2022/07/13S Grand AveCooler Waters Productions, LLCTV Series
2022/07/13Arlington DrCooler Waters Productions, LLCTV Series
2022/07/082022/07/09Congress PlFace Haus Productions, LLCReality TV
2022/07/11E Colorado BlvdApple Studios LLCTV Series
2022/07/14Arlington Dr CinemandTV Series
2022/07/07S Raymond AveBig Indie Theta, INCTV Series
2022/08/062022/09/14E Green StMarathon ProductionReality TV
2022/07/06S Raymond AveWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/06/30E Green St Ex Files Productions LLCFeature
2022/06/30S Oak Knoll AveFROSTING Studios ( DBA Frosting)Commercial
2022/07/132022/07/16S San Rafael AveBiscuit FilmworksCommercial
2022/06/29N Arroyo BlvdNFL FilmsTV Series
2022/06/302022/07/01E Green StABC SignatureTV Series
2022/06/28N Arroyo BlvdStink Digital USA, LLCCommercial
2022/06/28Walnut StJustFab Stills
2022/06/28Marengo AveJustFab Stills
2022/06/28N Raymond AveJustFab Stills
2022/06/28E Holly StJustFab Stills
2022/06/29N Euclid AveBig indie Theta, IncTV Series
2022/06/272022/06/28E Elizabeth StStink Digital USA, LLCCommercial
2022/06/27E Green StNew York Film Academy LA Student Film
2022/07/02Lancashire PlWhite Riot Productions Commercial
2022/06/23N Mar Vista AveReset ContentCommercial
2022/06/15Linda Vista AveBaM ProductionsStill Photography, Commercial
2022/06/202022/06/21N Mar Vista AveAtelier Management IncStill Photography
2022/06/11Rose Bowl DrArt ClassCommercial
2022/06/222022/06/23E Foothill BlvdNetflix Productions LLCFeature
2022/06/142022/06/15W Walnut StCadence Pictures, LLCFeature
2022/06/13E Walnut StSAF ProductionsCommercial
2022/06/09Paloma StPermisso, Inc./Ad Council AdoptionPublic Service Announcement
2022/06/11Brigden RdFriendly FilmworksShort Independent Film
2022/06/09E. Elizabeth StPermisso, Inc.Public Service Announcement
2022/06/152022/06/16Linda Vista AveMolly Murray ProductionsTV Series
2022/06/08N Fair Oaks AveCrown Wilshire ProductionsReality TV
2022/06/08Paloma StCrown Wilshire ProductionsReality TV
2022/06/062022/06/09Michigan AveCrown Wilshire ProductionsReality TV
2022/06/092022/06/23E Colorado BlvdAwesome Aquatics LLCFeature
2022/06/03Linda Vista AveStadium Creative Group LLCCommercial
2022/06/06W Walnut StCooler Waters Productions, LLC TV Series
2022/06/212022/06/22S Oak Knoll AveWarner Bros TVTV Series
2022/05/25Wallis StStept LLCCommercial
2022/06/162022/06/18Madeline Dr20th Fox TVTV Series
2022/05/242022/05/25Playhouse Village DistrictName Brand AdvertisingPromo Video and Stills
2022/06/162022/06/17E Colorado BlvdApple Studios LLC TV Series
2022/05/24S Raymond AveWarner Bros Television TV Series
2022/05/24S Orange Grove BlvdWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/05/20S Grand AveShuo WangStills & B-roll
2022/06/01N Mar Vista AveMccoyMeyer, LLC Stills
2022/05/19S San Gabriel BlvdNetflix Pelican ProductionsFeature
2022/05/19E Colorado BlvdNetflix Productions, LLCFeature
2022/05/19S Los Robles AveReel GoatsMusic Video
2022/05/19E Colorado BlvdHubbubble LLCCommercial
2022/05/192022/05/19E CaliforniaTurnKey DirectCommercial
2022/05/162022/05/17E Green StSuper Cool Creative AgencyWeb
2022/05/18E Walnut StGoyk ProductionsTV Series
2022/05/17Mountain AveStation FilmCommercial
2022/05/10 S Oak Knoll AveAlldayeverydayMusic Video
2022/05/23Foothill FWY Overpass Oak Grove and WindsorCooler Waters Productions, LLCTV Series
2022/05/13E Topeka Moxie PicturesCommercial
2022/05/162022/05/16Wigmore Dr20th TelevisionTV Series
2022/05/06S Oakland AveMuskrat ContentMotion promo
2022/05/24E Orange Grove BlvdTwentieth Century Fox Film CorpTV Series
2022/05/09E Colorado BlvdStreets Head ProductionsFeature
2022/05/10Heatherside RdTony Garcia PhotographyStills
2022/05/16S Raymond AveWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/05/16S Orange Grove BlvdWarner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/05/10W Walnut StRickety Screen Door LLCFeature
2022/05/20Linda Vista AveSupply and DemandCommercial
2022/05/06E Elizabeth StSubtropic LLCCommercial
2022/05/042022/05/05E Green StNBCUniversal Media Feature
2022/05/06S El MolinoAssassinCommercial
2022/04/272022/04/27N Marengo AveNBCUniversal Media Feature
2022/05/022022/05/05San Pasqual StPulse Commercials LLCCommercial
2022/05/042022/05/05Mesita RdThe New CompanyStill Photography
2022/05/06E. Colorado Blvd.Ubiquitous LLCCommercial
2022/04/28E. Colorado Blvd.Ubiquitous LLCCommercial
2022/04/29E Walnut StCapture Moore, LLCOther
2022/04/28E Green StKaren Kane Inc.Stills
2022/04/23E Green StMarathon Productions Reality TV
2022/04/26N Los Robles AveErgobabyStills
2022/04/20S Oakland AveRightNow Ministries Web
2022/04/20 E Sierra Madre Blvd SixTwentySixMusic Video
2022/04/20N Garfield AveRightNow Ministries Web
2022/04/192022/04/20Magnolia AveRadar ProductionsStills
2022/04/21E Green StCulture HouseTV Series
2022/04/24N Arroyo BlvdAbso Lutely Productions Short Film
2022/04/11Waverly DrMarathon Productions Reality TV
2022/04/19De Lacey AveWarner Bros Television TV Series
2022/04/102022/04/11E Green StMoving Parts IncCommercial
2022/03/312022/04/23Cordova StMarathon Productions Reality TV
2022/04/14E Elizabeth StCrazy Cow ProductionsCommercial
2022/04/192022/04/21Avenue 64Entertainment OneDocumentary TV Series
2022/04/292022/04/29W California BlvdNBCUniversal MediaFeature
2022/04/182022/04/21N Marengo AveNBCUniversal MediaFeature
2022/04/10N Lincoln AveArtCenter College of DesignStudent Film
2022/04/19Union AveWarner Bros Television TV Series
2022/04/19Fair Oaks AveWarner Bros Television TV Series
2022/04/19Pasadena AveWarner Bros Television TV Series
2022/04/19Holly St Warner Bros TelevisionTV Series
2022/04/08Paloma StKin ContentMusic Video
2022/04/07N Altadena DrArnold LLCDoc
2022/04/062022/04/07S El Molino AveCommunity FilmsCommercial
2022/04/072022/04/08Brigden RdMoxie Pictures (NY) Commercial
2022/04/07E Colorado Blvd20th TelevisionTV Series
2022/04/07N Marengo Ave20th Television TV Series
2022/04/23Rose Bowl Dr.NFLFeature
2022/04/02Wellington AveRadiance Pictures LLCMusic Video
2022/03/30S Euclid AveSanctuary ContentCommercial
2022/03/26E Mountain StProcess Creative, Inc.Doc
2022/03/262022/04/26Cordova StMarathon Productions Reality TV
2022/03/27S Raymond AveLucky Dog Productions LLCReality TV
2022/03/30Rose Bowl DrNFL FilmsWeb
2022/03/25N Los Robles AveArtCenter College of DesignStudent Film
2022/03/31S Oakland AvePenelope StudiosStills
2022/03/25E Green StFoxburg Productions TV Series
2022/04/03S Oakland AveNZK PRODUCTIONS, INCReality TV
2022/03/27S Euclid AveTuff ContenderCommercial
2022/03/28N Raymond AveSouth Bay Productions LLCTV Movie
2022/04/01S San Rafael AveSouth Bay Productions LLCTV Movie
2022/03/25N Euclid AveFoxburg ProductionsTV Series
2022/03/23Fern DrFace Forward ProductionsWeb
2022/03/312022/04/01Wigmore Dr.20th TelevisionTV Series
2022/03/23E Green StHappy PlaceCommercial
2022/03/242022/03/25S Grand AveBrachfeld LA IncStills
2022/03/22E Foothill BlvdTwentieth Century Fox TelevisionTV Series
2022/04/02W Walnut StUSC School of Cinematic ArtsStudent Film
2022/03/19N Los RoblesArt Center College of DesignStudent Film
2022/04/07Norwood DrSouth Bay Productions LLCTV Movie
2022/04/07Arbor StSouth Bay Productions LLCTV Movie