Public Art Master Plan

On October 21, 2013 the City of Pasadena City Council approved its first Public Art Master Plan which builds on the City’s strong visual arts heritage, acknowledges the value of existing public art projects, and focuses on how artists can continue to enhance the public realm. The Plan incorporates the thoughts and suggestions of hundreds of citizens, acknowledges how the City of Pasadena operates, and grows from best practices in the public art field.

Intended to provide broad goals and objectives with practical strategies for implementation, the Plan articulates a unified vision for the development of new public art in Pasadena. The Plan provides an outline of priority projects and related changes to policy and procedures that will require the identification of additional resources to realize these goals.

Cultural Nexus, the City’s 2005 Cultural Master Plan, established many of the principles that have guided the development of the Public Art Master Plan, including Cultural Identity, Participation, Economic Growth and Dynamic Support. Specifically, Cultural Nexus Policy #9 called for “a new vision for public art” which is the impetus for the development of the Plan.

The Public Art Master Plan includes a Vision Statement; ten Policy Recommendations; Implementation Strategies; and an Implementation Grid with prioritized project lists including budgets, possible funding sources and partnerships. The Plan contains recommendations and Implementation Strategies that may require further review and subsequent actions at both the staff and Council level. The recommended Implementation Strategies will be further reviewed by staff and Council as appropriate. Certain policy and procedural changes can be implemented at a staff level, others relating to funding and budgets will be addressed by Council through subsequent program guidelines.

Public Art Advisory Committee Members

Ann Scheid
Betsey Tyler
Betty Duker
Carolina Blengini
Celeste Walker
Denise Nelson Nash
Edward Garlock
Erlinda Romo
Gerda Govine
Ishmael Trone
James McDermott
Janice Bea
Joan Palmer
Joan Takayama Ogawa
Joel Bryant
Maria Maldonado
Marshall Ayers
Mic Hansen
Michelle Richardson-Bailey
Palencia Turner
Patrick Conyers
Peter Tolkin
Ray Turner
Renee Morgan Hampton
Roberta Martinez
Roberto Moreno
Susan Gray
Sue Mossman
Terry LeMoncheck
Thelma Johnson
Tom Seifert
Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin