Central District Specific Plan

Central District Specific Plan


The Central District Specific Plan received approval from the City Council on October 16, 2023. This plan is anticipated to become effective at the end of March. The plan area encompasses parcels between Corson Street and the I-210 Freeway to the north, Del Mar and California Boulevards to the south, Pasadena Avenue and the I-710 Freeway to the west, and Mentor and Wilson Avenues to the east.

The updated CDSP will build upon its existing strengths as Pasadena’s vibrant downtown, providing a diversity of economic, civic, cultural, entertainment, and residential opportunities. The District will be a place to work, shop, live, play, raise a family and age with dignity, with convenient access by foot, bicycle, assistive device, and transit, as well as by car. Physical and economic growth will support this role and respect numerous resources of historical and cultural significance that contribute to the District’s unique identity.

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A Notice of Determination was prepared for the project to advise that the City of Pasadena has conducted first and second reading of the EIR Addendum for the proposed Central District Specific Plan (CDSP) Update, and has made the following determinations regarding the above described project:

On October 16, 2023, the City Council adopted the addendum to the 2015 Pasadena General Plan Environmental Impact Report, and found that the addendum properly disclosed only minor technical changes or additions to the EIR, and none of the conditions triggering a subsequent or supplemental EIR were present, as set forth in State CEQA Guidelines Section 15164.



On October 16, 2023, the City Council Adopted the Central District Specific Plan.