Code Compliance Division

The objective of the City of Pasadena’s Code Compliance Division is to promote and maintain a safe and healthy living and working environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Code Compliance maintains and improves the quality of our community through the administration of a fair and unbiased enforcement program designed to foster community engagement, empower communities, and correct municipal code and land use violations.

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Presale Self-Certification Program

Prior to the close of escrow for the sale of a single family house, condominium, townhouse or duplex, the owner is responsible for obtaining a Presale Certificate of Completion or a Presale Certificate of Inspection.

Quadrennial Inspection Program

The Quadrennial Inspection Program was established in 1987 to ensure the quality and maintenance of the City’s multi-family housing stock.

Zoning and Property Maintenance

The City’s Code Compliance Division enforces provisions of the zoning ordinance and the public nuisance ordinance to regulate land use and promote discourage blight.

Code Compliance Areas

Code Compliance Interactive Map

The Code Compliance Activity map will allow you to quickly locate open / pending Code Compliance cases. Information provided includes: Case #, address, description and contact information. Code Compliance case information is limited to Code cases managed by the Code Compliance Division (i.e. Private property: property maintenance, zoning, noise, lighting, trees, hours of operation). Please feel free to contact assigned Code Officer for additional information.