Zoning and Property Maintenance

Code Compliance is one of the core functions of the Planning and Community Development Department. This division ensures that Pasadena businesses, residents and developers comply with various regulations including building, land use, and property maintenance codes. This work includes field inspections including but not limited to, response to complaints related to property maintenance and Zoning Code violations, pro-active nuisance abatement, and inspections of the City’s housing stock through the Quadrennial and Occupancy Inspection Programs. The work of the Code Compliance Division assists in ensuring public safety, maintaining quality housing stock and adherence to adopted plans and regulations.

File a Complaint

All complaints and other requests need to be reported through the Pasadena City Service Center.

Common Code Violations


Illegal Dwelling Units

A dwelling unit is a building or portion thereof used for residential occupancy. What is an illegal dwelling unit? An illegal dwelling unit is one built or occupied without obtaining the necessary land use approvals and/or a proper building permit. In some circumstances an illegal dwelling unit can be made legal.

Noise Nuisances

The Code Compliance Division addresses noise nuisances related to property maintenance equipment. Please follow the link to read the city’s noise ordinance. View Noise Ordinance

Property Nuisances

All properties or parts thereof shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition in effort to reduce blight , and sustain the highest quality of life standard. If you would like to read the city’s property maintenance code please follow the attached link. View Nuisance Ordinance

Construction Without a Permit

The Code Compliance Division investigates completed construction, alterations, and demolition performed without the benefit of a building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permit.

Unpermitted Signage

The city’s zoning code provides standards for signs to safeguard life, health, property, safety, and public welfare, while encouraging compatibility, creativity, variety, and enhancement of the City’s visual image. The Code Compliance Division primarily enforces standards for temporary signs. Please follow the link to read the city’s temporary sign ordinance. View Sign Ordinance

Fees and Fines


Occupancy Inspection $161.00 + fees
Temporary Banner Permit $ 27.00 per application
Yard Sale Permit $22.00


1st Citation $ 124.00 per violation, per day
2nd Citation $ 255.00 per violation, per day
3rd Citation $ 643.00 per violation, per day
4th Citation $ 1000.00 per violation, per day

Any person violating any provision of the Pasadena Municipal Code or applicable State Code may be issued an administrative citation. Each and every day that a violation occurs constitutes a separate and distinct offense.Citation payments must be made in full within thirty (30) calendar days of the issuance of the citation. Citations can be paid online with Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or electronic check at www.cityofpasadena.net/citations. Payment may be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order or personal check. DO NOT SEND CASH. Check should be made out to The City of Pasadena – Finance Department. Please indicate the citation number on your check.

You may mail payments  to the following address:

City of Pasadena - Finance Department
100 N Garfield Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

Payment of the citation does not relieve the responsibility to correct the violation(s).  The failure to comply with an administrative citation, including any failure to pay an administrative fine, is a misdemeanor.