Commissions and Subcommittees

The following are current public hearing notices, minutes and meeting agendas for the Planning & Community Development Department.


Arts & Culture Commission

The Commission shall advise the City Council on matters pertaining to the City’s arts and cultural program which shall: foster public and private partnerships for providing arts and cultural programs for the youth of Pasadena; promote access for the public to the highest quality arts opportunities possible; promote the work of artists and art groups and celebrate the City for its ethnic diversity, creativity, and its leadership in arts and culture.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals has the authority to make decisions on appeal cases, any environmental determination, and decision from the Zoning Hearing Officer, the Zoning Administrator, the Film Liaison, the Planning Director, and the Environmental Administrator.

Code Enforcement

To hold hearings and rule on uncorrected violations of the Housing Code (as a final step to City prosecution), appeals regarding code violations, and on all proposed demolitions.

Design Commission

Advisory of the City Council on the establishment of design standards, criteria, concepts and policies for the implementation of public and private projects.

Environmental Advisory Commission

The Environmental Advisory Commission members advise the City Council and make policy recommendations in support of the goals and objectives of the City’s Environmental Charter and monitor and guide the Green City Action Plan.

Hearing Officer

The Hearing Officer is empowered to make decisions with regard to Use Permit, Variance and Subdivision applications and any environmental determination which may be necessary in the individual case.

Historic Preservation Commission

Advisory of the City Council on the promotion, protection and use of Pasadena cultural resources. It recommends the designation of landmarks and landmark districts, and prepares brochures and other material designed to promote public awareness.

Planning Commission

Advisory to the City Council on the preparation and review of the General Plan, as well as the adoption or implementation of programs under the Plan, including the creation of districts and zones, modification to and administration of zoning regulations, review of the capital improvements program, and review of other programs and projects which affect city development.


Grants Subcommittee
of the Arts & Culture Commission

Current Agenda
2024-06-26 Grants Subcommittee Special Meeting Agenda

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Community Development Subcommittee
of the Arts & Culture Commission

Current Agenda
2024-07-10 Community Development Subcommittee Agenda

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Public Art Subcommittee
of the Arts & Culture Commission

Current Agenda
2024-07-03 Public Art Subcommittee Agenda

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Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee
of the Planning Commission

Current Agenda
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