Community Event: Robinson Public Art Project

The community is invited to participate in the Robinson Park Recreation Center Public Art Project at the upcoming 42nd Annual Black History Festival on Saturday, February 17, 12-4 p.m. at the Robinson Park, 1081 N Fair Oaks Ave. This event is a great opportunity for residents to meet the selected artists and learn more about their artistic approach to the project and engagement with the Northwest community.

Attendees are encouraged to stop by the Cultural Affairs Division booth to learn more about the project and share their own personal stories of living and working in Northwest Pasadena. Artists Deborah Aschheim and Carla Jay Harris will share the progress of their artistic research and engagement with the Northwest community as they develop their public art concepts for the Recreation Center.

As part of the first phase of the Project, both artists are currently conducting extensive research and community engagement through collaboration with Northwest Pasadena residents and stakeholders to develop specific content and artistic themes which will serve as the basis for the public art concept at the Center.

The public art project for the Robinson Park Recreation Center was developed through guidance from the Robinson Park Stakeholder Group and community members and is intended to prioritize community input and collaboration during the first phase of the artwork development process. This project serves as an exciting opportunity for the Northwest community to contribute their unique stories and perspectives into the formation of a permanent public artwork at the Center.

The renovation of the Robinson Park Recreation Center was the second and final phase of the Robinson Park Master Plan adopted by City Council in 2002 and designated as an eligible Capital Improvement Public Art project in 2015. Per the unique requirements of this project, the artists selected to the project will be responsible for initiating numerous opportunities for engaging with the Northwest Pasadena community, ranging from large public events to small intimate conversations. This community-based research will then be incorporated into the artist’s Concept Art Plan, which will be presented to the City’s Arts & Culture Commission for review and approval.

For more information about the Public Art Project for the Robinson Park Recreation Center, visit: or contact Corey Dunlap, Public Art Coordinator, Planning & Community Development Department:, (626) 744-7547.