Completed Series IV Rotating Public Art Program

Completed Series IV Rotating Public Art Program Banner

The Cultural Affairs Division is excited to share the completed Rotating Public Art Program: Series IV guidebook!

We hope this document inspires you to immerse yourself in the arts and explore all eight artworks in the Series IV public art exhibition.

Situated in unusual and often overlooked corners of the City, the Series IV artworks activate and transform small public spaces into exciting moments of discovery. By exhibiting both existing and commissioned artworks for a temporary period, the Rotating Program produces a dynamic and ever-changing experience for residents and visitors alike.

The Rotating Public Art Program was launched by the City’s Cultural Affairs Division in 2011 to enliven the urban landscape with publicly accessible artworks, producing a dynamic visual experience for residents and visitors. The Program places existing loaned works as well as new commissioned works in each City Council District for a three-year period.

Series IV of the Rotating Public Art Program builds upon the success of the previous three iterations which saw captivating public artworks in expanded venues. As a new model for community engagement, residents are incorporated directly into the artwork selection process. Each Councilmember selects two residents from their District as Neighborhood Art Associates to review artist proposals, discuss evaluation criteria, and select artworks for their neighborhoods. This unique aspect of the program creates an opportunity for the public to learn about
the public art commissioning process and to be directly involved in the development of a City-wide temporary public art collection.

This latest phase of the Rotating Public Art Program presents new opportunities for residents and visitors to encounter art and encourages the exchange of ideas and values about art, place, and creativity in our everyday lives.

We hope you will take time to circulate throughout the City and explore each of the Series IV artworks, which will be on view through 2026.

Rotating Public Art Program Series IV Guidebook