Desiderio Army Reserve Center


The proposed project includes the reuse of the 5.1-acre Desiderio US Army Reserve Center (USARC) site. Figure 1 shows the project site and proposed project. The property is located at 655 Westminster Drive – at the northeast corner of Arroyo Boulevard and Westminster Drive.

Four buildings are currently located on the project site: a 22,152-square foot USARC building, a 3,798-square foot organizational maintenance shop, a 2,226-square foot storage building and a hazardous materials shed. All uses on the site are vacant. In addition, the site includes paved parking areas for military equipment and privately owned vehicles. Approximately 80 percent of the site is covered by impervious surfaces; the remaining ground surface is grass-covered lawn areas.  All existing buildings and impervious surfaces will be removed from the site.

The proposed project includes two primary components, a 3.87-acre City Park, and nine single-family detached bungalow homes in a courtyard formation. The homes would be developed by Habitat for Humanity.

Desiderio Park is proposed as a neighborhood park and would include the minimum standard set of amenities as proposed by the City’s Green Space, Recreation and Parks Master Plan. These include an open turf area, trees, security lighting, walkways, picnic tables, benches, play equipment, drinking fountains, and waste and recycling receptacles. Access to the park would be provided from Arroyo Boulevard at the northeast portion of the site, a driveway from Arroyo Boulevard would lead to a paved area with parking for approximately ten cars.

The southeast portion of the site would be developed into nine one and two-story bungalow homes by Habitat for Humanity. The bungalows would be sold at affordable prices to families that earn up to 80 percent of the area median income. All the units would be three-bedroom units of 1,244 to 1,248 square feet with detached two-car garages.  Lots range from 5,610 to 9,717 square feet.