Central District Specific Plan

The Central District Specific Plan received approval from the City Council on October 16, 2023. This plan is anticipated to become effective at the end of March. The plan area encompasses parcels between Corson Street and the I-210 Freeway to the north, Del Mar and California Boulevards to the south, Pasadena Avenue and the I-710 Freeway to the west, and Mentor and Wilson Avenues to the east. The updated CDSP will build upon its existing strengths as Pasadena’s vibrant downtown,... continue reading »"Central District Specific Plan"

Explorer Well Project

Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) will be constructing a new water well - Explorer Well.  This well when combined with PWP’s other four existing wells in the Arroyo will further assist in the groundwater cleanup operations.  Water pumped from Explorer Well will be treated at the Monk Hill Treatment System to provide clean and safe drinking water.  A new concrete masonry unit building will house the well along with the associated mechanical components and electrical equipment for security and sound... continue reading »"Explorer Well Project"

Arroyo Seco Water Reuse Project

The applicant, City of Pasadena Department of Public Works as Lead Agency, is proposing to construct a stormwater capture project. The proposed Project consists of two regional stormwater capture and treatment facilities, also referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs), located within existing underutilized open space areas near the Arroyo Seco Channel. The Project would provide water quality benefits for multiple jurisdictions within the 5,005-acre drainage area of the two BMP sites. The Project sites are located within the Upper... continue reading »"Arroyo Seco Water Reuse Project"

South Fair Oaks Specific Plan

The South Fair Oaks Specific Plan received approval from the City Council on October 17, 2022. The plan is anticipated to become effective in Mid-November. The SFOSP Update area is located in the southwest region of the City of Pasadena in Los Angeles County. It is generally bound by Del Mar Boulevard to the north, the City of South Pasadena to the south, Pasadena Avenue to the west, and the Metro L Line Right-of-Way (ROW) and Arroyo Parkway to the... continue reading »"South Fair Oaks Specific Plan"

East Colorado Specific Plan

The East Colorado Specific Plan received approval from the City Council on February 28th. The plan is anticipated to become effective early summer. The plan area encompasses the 1.4-mile section of Colorado Boulevard between Wilson Avenue on the west and Roosevelt Avenue on the east. The plan area also includes Green Street between Wilson and Holliston Avenue, and Allen Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Corson Street. The approved plan includes new regulations and development standards that would help implement the... continue reading »"East Colorado Specific Plan"

Sunset Complex Project

The applicant, City of Pasadena Department of Public Works, has submitted a Conditional Use Permit application to construct two replacement reservoirs and associated appurtenances including piping connections through the floor of the tank with concrete encasement beneath the floor, a removable silt stop, exterior and interior ladders with safety devices, two access hatches on the roof of each tank, guardrails at the roof ladder, and a roof center vent. The existing reservoirs (Sunset Reservoir 1 [SR1] and Sunset Reservoir 2... continue reading »"Sunset Complex Project"

Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan

The Planning & Community Development Department prepared an update to the Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan (LASP). On November 15, 2021, the City Council unanimously adopted a new specific plan for Lincoln Avenue. The new LASP provides neighborhood-specific development standards and land use regulations for the 1.1 mile section of Lincoln Avenue between Hammond Street on the south and the northern City boundary, just north of Montana Street. The new LASP reflects the ideas and feedback generated through a multi-phase community... continue reading »"Lincoln Avenue Specific Plan"

Patton Reservoir Replacement Project

The applicant, Brown and Caldwell, on behalf of the property owner, California American Water Company, has submitted a Modification to Conditional Use Permit #4804 to allow the replacement of the existing Patton Reservoir with a new circular prestressed concrete reservoir. Patton Reservoir was built in the 1920’s. Over the years, the reservoir has had minor upgrades and repairs, but the overall water storage capacity and reservoir design remains unchanged. Patton Reservoir currently has a capacity of 540,000 gallons, with the... continue reading »"Patton Reservoir Replacement Project"

Planned Development #40

The applicant, Summerhill Apartment Communities Investments, LLC, has submitted an application to allow the establishment of a Planned Development zoning district with 206 new multi-family residential units on two adjacent parcels: 444 N. Fair Oaks Ave (Parcel A) and 425 N. Raymond Ave (Parcel B). The proposed multi-family development is 213,826 square feet of floor area and consists of two, three- to five story buildings with 199 units on Parcel A; and three, two- to three-story buildings with a total... continue reading »"Planned Development #40"