ArtCenter College of Design Master Plan

The ArtCenter College of Design (ArtCenter) proposes a 15-year Master Plan (the Project) that focuses growth on its South Campus, while providing for infrastructure improvements and building renovations on its Hillside Campus. The Project would be implemented in two phases, with Phase I occurring in the first five years of the Master Plan and Phase II occurring in the final ten years. It is anticipated that upon completion of the Project, total enrollment within ArtCenter would increase from its current... continue reading »"ArtCenter College of Design Master Plan"

Zoning Code Amendments for Emergency Shelters Limited

The proposed Zoning Code Amendments will extend the Zoning Credit Parking program (currently in use in Old Pasadena only) to other areas of the Central District, in particular the South Lake and the Playhouse District commercial areas. This program will allow for the intensification of uses on the ground floor of existing commercial buildings. Primarily it will allow for the establishment of a new restaurant by allowing the porpoerty owner to purchase zoning credit parking spaces as a means to... continue reading »"Zoning Code Amendments for Emergency Shelters Limited"

YWCA/Kimpton Hotel Project

The proposed project involves the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the existing 48,260-square-foot YWCA building located at 78 N. Marengo Avenue and the addition of an 87,342-square-foot, six-story building on the project site, which together would become a 127,912-square-foot, approximately 179-room, Kimpton Hotel. The new hotel would consist of approximately 179 guestrooms and suites, approximately 1,989 square feet of meeting facilities, approximately 5,630 square feet of ballroom space, approximately 1,197 square feet of hospitality parlors, and an approximately 2,350 square-foot,... continue reading »"YWCA/Kimpton Hotel Project"

Villa Esperanza Master Plan

The proposed project is a Master Plan to upgrade and expand existing facilities at Villa Esperanza, which is located at 2116 East Villa Street on the south side of East Villa Street between Oak and Craig Avenues, approximately 200 feet north of Interstate 210. The proposed Master Plan is a 15-year, three-phase framework for Villa Esperanza that includes: allowing an increase in enrollment from 85 to 120 students; demolition of 12 of the existing 13 structures on the site, which... continue reading »"Villa Esperanza Master Plan"

Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

The proposed amendment to the PMC will prohibit the distribution of single-use plastic carryout bags and establish a charge for the specified single-use paper carryout bags at drug stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience food stores, food marts, liquor stores, farmer markets, City sponsored events, events at City facilities, and any event held on City property. The intent of the amendment is to reduce consumer use of single-use carryout bags and accelerate a shift towards reusable bags by banning plastic... continue reading »"Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance"

Shriners Medical Offices

The applicant, Shriners Hospitals for Children, proposes to redevelop the property at 909-915 South Fair Oaks Avenue, bounded by S. Fair Oaks Avenue on the east, Alessandro Place on the north, Hurlbut Street on the south, with existing medical offices and multi-family residences to the west. The project consists of demolishing the two existing commercial buildings on the site and constructing a three-story medical office building that would be 74,800 square feet in size and constructed over 2.5 levels of... continue reading »"Shriners Medical Offices"

Residence Inn Marriott

The proposed project involves the construction of a 144-room, five-story extended stay hotel on a flat, vacant lot at 233 North Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena. The hotel would be 94,091 square feet in size. Figure 1, Regional Vicinity Map, shows the location of the site in a regional context, while Figure 2, Local Vicinity Map, shows the location of the site in a local context. Figure 3, Aerial Photograph, shows an aerial depiction of the project site and immediate... continue reading »"Residence Inn Marriott"

Paseo Colorado Redevelopment Project

The applicant, DDR Corp., proposes to redevelop the former Macy’s building on the east end of the site (bounded by Colorado Boulevard on the north, Los Robles on the east, and Green Street on the south) by demolishing it and replacing it with two buildings: a six-story hotel on the southern half and a six-story mixed-use commercial/residential building on the northern half. Specifically, the project involves (1) demolition of the 160,000 square foot former Macy’s department store and adjacent street-front... continue reading »"Paseo Colorado Redevelopment Project"

Pasadena Non-Potable Water Project

The purpose of the Pasadena Non-Potable Water Project is to meet a portion of PWP’s non-potable water needs using local water sources. The proposed Project involves construction and operation of a new non-potable water distribution system to deliver water from three local supply sources: (1) recycled water produced by the Los Angeles/Glendale Water Reclamation Plant (“LAG”), (2) surface water inflows from two existing tunnels (Devils Gate and Richardson Springs), and (3) water from the Arroyo Seco stream, to customers within... continue reading »"Pasadena Non-Potable Water Project"


The proposed 100 West Walnut development (the “Project”) is a mixed-use development that would complement the existing office buildings on the site with the proposed development of 612,500 square feet of office uses, of which up to 22,500 square feet could be used for ancillary retail uses, 2,500 square feet of restaurant uses, 15,000 square feet of retail uses along the Fair Oaks Avenue frontage, and 475 residential units. The proposed development would be located on the paved parking area... continue reading »"Parsons"