Major Change to Approved Project Revised Project AP11612 and CUP5317

The applicant, Pasadena Playhouse LLC, has submitted an application for Major Change to Approved Project at 680 E. Colorado Boulevard. This Revised Project proposes demolition of an existing one-story building and parking lot, construction of a four-level subterranean parking garage with 367 spaces, the construction of a 145,428 square foot, five-story commercial project comprised of three buildings with plazas. On the ground floor, the building would have 4,500 square feet of restaurant use and 3,675 square feet of ancillary retail... continue reading »"Major Change to Approved Project Revised Project AP11612 and CUP5317"

Los Robles Apartments Project

The project includes the demolition of six vacant multi-family residential apartment structures and a surface parking lot and the construction of a four-story residential apartment complex containing 307 dwelling units. Parking for the residential use would be provided in two levels of subterranean parking containing a total of 521 parking spaces.

Transit Oriented Development Amendment

AMENDMENT TO TRANSIT-ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE (ZONING CODE SECTION 17.50.340) PROJECT TITLE: Amendment to Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance (Zoning Code Section 17.50.340) The proposed project is an amendment to the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Ordinance, which is Section 17.50.340 of the City’s Zoning Code. The proposed amendment consists of: 1) changes to the parking requirements, mainly to allow greater flexibility in Sierra Madre Villa TOD area; 2) creation of optional ½ mile TOD area for all TOD areas in the City except Sierra... continue reading »"Transit Oriented Development Amendment"

Union Street Condominiums Project

The project proposes a mixed-use development with 36 market-rate condominium units and 2,625 square feet of commercial space on the 0.50-acre site. The project would include a single structure of five stories reaching a maximum height of 60 feet situated over two levels of subterranean parking. The project proposes a total of 135 parking spaces comprised of 63 dedicated spaces for residents and guests and 71 dedicated spaces to serve the proposed commercial uses and the existing office uses located... continue reading »"Union Street Condominiums Project"

Las Encinas Hospital

The 2007 Master Development Plan would continue the programs approved under the current Master Development Plan, namely the provision of additional medical offices, a new psychiatric hospital, and expansion of senior living services. In anticipation of the needs for the City of Pasadena and surrounding communities, the 2007 Master Development Plan seeks to augment these services by increasing assisted living beds from the current 9 beds to a total of 81 beds and independent living units would be increased from... continue reading »"Las Encinas Hospital"

La Salle High School Master Plan

The proposed project is a Master Plan for La Salle High School, which is located at 3880 E. Sierra Madre Boulevard (at Michillinda Avenue) in the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA. The proposed Master Plan is a three-phased, 15-year Master Plan for the construction of athletic and performance arts facilities for La Salle High School. The project includes the demolition of two existing buildings, removal of an existing baseball field, renovation of an existing classroom building, and construction... continue reading »"La Salle High School Master Plan"

Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment

The proposed project is an eight-phase Master Plan to allow new construction totaling approximately 217,300 square feet and demolition of existing buildings totaling 250,076 square feet at Huntington Memorial Hospital (“Hospital”). The Hospital also proposes to add 65 new hospital beds for a total of 690 beds.  Vehicle access to the Hospital campus would remain unchanged from existing conditions. New landscaped areas, pedestrian corridors, and green space at the center of the campus would be created as part of the... continue reading »"Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment"