La Salle High School Master Plan

The proposed project is a Master Plan for La Salle High School, which is located at 3880 E. Sierra Madre Boulevard (at Michillinda Avenue) in the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA. The proposed Master Plan is a three-phased, 15-year Master Plan for the construction of athletic and performance arts facilities for La Salle High School. The project includes the demolition of two existing buildings, removal of an existing baseball field, renovation of an existing classroom building, and construction... continue reading »"La Salle High School Master Plan"

Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment

The proposed project is an eight-phase Master Plan to allow new construction totaling approximately 217,300 square feet and demolition of existing buildings totaling 250,076 square feet at Huntington Memorial Hospital (“Hospital”). The Hospital also proposes to add 65 new hospital beds for a total of 690 beds.  Vehicle access to the Hospital campus would remain unchanged from existing conditions. New landscaped areas, pedestrian corridors, and green space at the center of the campus would be created as part of the... continue reading »"Huntington Memorial Hospital Master Plan Amendment"

Hill and Colorado Planned Development

The project site encompasses two noncontiguous parcels, with multiple APN numbers, generally located at 1347-1355 East Colorado Boulevard and 39 North Hill Avenue (North Parcel) and at 1336 East Colorado Boulevard (South Parcel). The project site is periodically used for vehicles sales and/or storage and as a seasonal sales lot for pumpkin patches and holiday trees. Prior to 2008, the site was occupied by the former Pasadena Ford dealership. The automobile showroom facing onto Colorado Boulevard (North Parcel) was determined... continue reading »"Hill and Colorado Planned Development"

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

The city has developed a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory in response to recent state legislation. The goals of this report are to: Provide a listing of Pasadena's major sources of GHG emissions and identify where the greatest opportunities for emissions reduction exists; Create a GHG emissions baseline from which Pasasdena can set reduction targets, and measure future progress; Enable the City to understand the scale of emissions from various sources and develop GHG emissions accouting and reporting principles; and Provide best practices to... continue reading »"Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory"

Glenarm Power Plant Repowering Project

In 2009, the City of Pasadena adopted the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), a blueprint for the Pasadena Department of Water and Power (PWP) to ensure reliable, environmentally responsible electricity service, competitive rates, and energy independence through 2030. A key feature of the IRP is the replacement of inefficient local generating units at PWP’s Power Plant. This constitutes the Glenarm Power Plant Repowering Project. The City’s Power Plant consists of two power generating facilities flanking the Metro Gold Line tracks: the... continue reading »"Glenarm Power Plant Repowering Project"

Green Hotel Apartments

The proposed project involves construction of a six-story mixed-use building with 64 residential units and 5,000 square feet of commercial space on an existing surface parking lot at 86 South Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena. The project site is 32,362 square feet and the proposed mixed-use building would be 76,980 square feet in size. The ground floor would consist of 5,000 square feet of commercial space and 20 parking spaces, with 11 of the 20 parking spaces “tucked under” the... continue reading »"Green Hotel Apartments"

Fuller Theological Seminary Master Plan Amendment

The proposed project are amendments to the current Master Plan and Development Agreement (adopted in 2006) for Fuller Theological Seminary (Fuller), located at 135 North Oakland Avenue in the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA.  The proposed Master Plan Amendment would reconfigure the 2006 Master Plan boundaries and forfeit development rights for all development previously approved and not constructed except for a 35,000 square-foot chapel. The amended Master Plan would also include a decrease in the student enrollment capacity from... continue reading »"Fuller Theological Seminary Master Plan Amendment"