All Saints Church Master Development

The proposed Master Plan is a 15-year framework for expansion of the Church and includes the following: Phase I  Demolition of a commercial building (1,487 square feet), a building used for Sunday School/day care purposes (Scott Hall 6,195 square feet) and a Trailer used for office and meeting space (1,800 square feet); Interior renovation of existing buildings (Regas House and Rectory); Construction of a multiple-story, four building complex in two phases consisting of: A two-story building (Building A: West Building)... continue reading »"All Saints Church Master Development"

940 Avenue 64

The project site is the southeast corner of Avenue 64 and Church Street.  The property is an irregularly shaped lot that is approximately 16.49 acres in size. There are 12 buildings ranging in age from 1918 to 1998, surface parking and a swimming pool on the site.  Primary access to the site is via Avenue 64, through property leased from the neighboring Church of the Angels at 1050 Avenue 64.  Secondary emergency access is via Church Street, with a separate... continue reading »"940 Avenue 64"

Temporary use of the Rose Bowl Stadium by the National Football League (NFL)

PASADENA, Calif.—The City Council is scheduled on Nov. 19 to consider amending the Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance as a preliminary step that would allow a National Football League (NFL) team to temporarily use the Rose Bowl Stadium. The proposed amendment would allow an NFL team to host home games at the Rose Bowl Stadium for no more than five years if, and when, an NFL team moves to the Los Angeles area while a permanent stadium is being constructed... continue reading »"Temporary use of the Rose Bowl Stadium by the National Football League (NFL)"

277 N El Molino Ave

The proposed project would include demolition of the two existing on-site buildings and all surface parking to allow for the construction of a six-story, 122,206-gross square-foot, multi-family residential development 31,317-square-foot building footprint). The proposed project would include 56 one-bedroom units and 49 two-bedroom units for a total of 105 residential units. Of the 105 units, nine would be designated for affordable housing. The proposed residential building consists of five residential stories over two stories of parking, one at grade and... continue reading »"277 N El Molino Ave"