Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ban

The use of gas-powered leaf blowers is currently banned in the City of Pasadena. However, the use of electric-powered leaf blowers is allowed subject to restricted hours of:

  • 8AM-6PM, Monday through Friday
  • 9AM-5PM on Saturday
  • Prohibited all day on Sunday

Equipment Discounts of up to 85% for Small Businesses and Sole Proprietor Landscapers

Technology for electric-powered leaf blowers has advanced substantially, some of these units more powerful than gas-powered units and can provide over an hour of use without a charge. There is currently one program which offer discounts to small businesses and sole proprietor landscapers for exchanging gas-powered leaf blowers for electric leaf blowers:

South Coast AQMD 

The South Coast AQMD offers a Commercial Lawn & Garden Equipment Exchange program with rebates of up to 85% of the cost of an electric leaf blower. Limited funding is available. For more information: AQMD Commercial Electric Lawn & Garden Equipment Exchange program flyer

For Questions or to Report Violations

For additional information on the gas-powered leaf blower ban,
please call Code Compliance at (626) 744-8633.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although small, gas-powered leaf blowers have highly polluting engines which can result in significant health impacts for the community, but particularly the equipment operators. In addition to smog-forming emissions and toxic fumes, gas-powered leaf blowers also create carbon-dioxide emissions that contribute to the climate crisis. Using a gas-powered backpack leaf blower for just one hour generates the same smog-forming emissions as a car driven for 1,100 miles. This ban will improve air quality, public health, and noise pollution.

No, the allowed hours for any person to operate a leaf blower remain 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays; and not permitted on Sundays at any time.

Property owners are not exempt from this ordinance.

Yes, it is unlawful to operate a leaf blower with a maximum noise level of 65 decibels when measured from a distance of 50 feet.

Commercial areas 500 feet from a residential area are exempt from restricted days and hours, use of gas leaf blower is still prohibited.

No, only one electric leaf blower is allowed to be used on a parcel at a time.

The owner of the landscape company or operator will be held responsible.

Yes, at the direction of emergency responders, gas-powered leaf blowers may be used for the purposes of responding to an emergency, or necessary to protect or save lives or property from eminent danger of loss or harm.

You can operate a leaf blower for no more than 15 minutes per hour on a parcel less than ½ acre, and no more than 30 minutes per hour on a parcel greater than ½ acre.

You can contact the Code Compliance Division at (626) 744-8633, or online at  for questions or concerns regarding leaf blower use.

Initial enforcement action is a Warning Notice, failure to comply with the Warning Notice will result in the issuance of administrative citations. 1st citation is $100, 2nd citation is $200, 3rd citation is $500 and 4th citation is $1,000.