Las Encinas Hospital

2900 E. Del Mar Ave.


The 2007 Master Development Plan would continue the programs approved under the current Master Development Plan, namely the provision of additional medical offices, a new psychiatric hospital, and expansion of senior living services. In anticipation of the needs for the City of Pasadena and surrounding communities, the 2007 Master Development Plan seeks to augment these services by increasing assisted living beds from the current 9 beds to a total of 81 beds and independent living units would be increased from 85 existing to 230 total units. The proposed project would provide expanded medical (psychiatric) office space from the existing 15 units (14,174 square feet) to 31 total office units (an additional 45,407 square feet). In addition, a new psychiatric hospital would be constructed to consolidate psychiatric patient care in a single, secure facility affording greater security to the neighborhood and modern facilities for staff and patient care. The new psychiatric hospital would accommodate 120 total beds, increasing the number of beds by 30 beds. The new psychiatric hospital would also consolidate adolescent care facilities. Residential Treatment programs and Chemical Dependency would be consolidated from the 68 existing beds located in 6 different buildings to accommodate 38 beds in a single facility (Gables Building 7), a reduction of 30 beds. Adolescent psychiatry would be consolidated into a single building accommodating 28 beds in the central portion of the campus south of the existing hospital building. The proposed project would involve removing approximately 44,398 square feet of existing structures and building 309,012 square feet of new structures for a total building square footage with the project of 528,505 square feet.



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