Major Change to Approved Project Revised Project AP11612 and CUP5317

680 East Colorado Boulevard


The applicant, Pasadena Playhouse LLC, has submitted an application for Major Change to Approved Project at 680 E. Colorado Boulevard. This Revised Project proposes demolition of an existing one-story building and parking lot, construction of a four-level subterranean parking garage with 367 spaces, the construction of a 145,428 square foot, five-story commercial project comprised of three buildings with plazas. On the ground floor, the building would have 4,500 square feet of restaurant use and 3,675 square feet of ancillary retail use. The remainder of the building would contain 137,253 square feet of office use. Vehicular access would be from a driveway on South El Molino Avenue.

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the following entitlements: 1) Adjustment Permit for adjustments (deviations from the Zoning Code) for floor area ratio, building height, setbacks, and loading; 2) Conditional Use Permit for a new non-residential project that exceeds 25,000 square feet; 3) Minor Conditional Use Permit for a new development in the Transit-Oriented Development area; and 4) Private Tree Removal of one protected specimen tree.


The Council will review an an EIR Addendum for the proposed project. A copy of the EIR and Addendum are available for review at the Permit Center, 175 North Garfield Avenue. The EIR determined that impacts on Traffic (two roadway segments) will be significant and unavoidable even after incorporation of mitigation measures. Impacts to all other resource areas were determined to be less than significant with proposed mitigations. In the EIR Addendum, no additional significant impacts or mitigation measures were identified.


CASE MANAGER: John Steinmeyer