Online Services

Below are online services offered by the Permit Center. From here you can view a variety of property, permit, and case information, as well as cancel or schedule building permit inspections and file complaints.

How to Schedule a Building Inspection Online

  1. Select Property SearchCase or Permit Search, or Inspections
  2. Locate appropriate permit for which the inspection is requested (permit number listed should correspond with the permit issued and permit number listed on the yellow inspection folder)
  3. Click on Inspection Summary
  4. Complete short form and select an available inspections date
  5. You will receive a call the morning of the scheduled inspection and be provided with a morning or afternoon window

How to Check Plan Review Status for your Project Online

  1. Select Project Plan Review Status
  2. Search your project by either Address, Parcel Number, Case Number, the Last name of a person associated with the case, or the associated Project name. Enter the required information in the selected search field and click on Search
  3. Click on Plan Review
  4. You may click on Comments of each reviews and Conditions for additional information.