Planning Division

The City of Pasadena’s Planning Division continues to accept and process applications during the COVID-19 emergency. Although the Permit Center remains closed to the public, Planning cases can be submitted using the steps outlined below. Planning cases include zoning entitlements (e.g. conditional use permits, variances, hillside development permits…etc.), zoning permits (for paving, fences, walls, etc.), zoning verification letters, and all Design and Historic Preservation applications. Covenants for ADU’s, accessory structures and parking can also be submitted using the procedures below; no payment is needed for submitting a covenant.

  • All hard copy materials (application material, plans and fees) have to be in a container (e.g. secured box, envelope);
  • The exterior of the container has to be labeled “Planning” with applicant contact information clearly printed: Name, Email, Phone Number and Mailing Address;
  • The container has to include a USB drive with PDF versions of all application material (applications, plans, photos, grant deeds…etc.);
  • Payment of fees can be made via check or credit card. The container should include payment in the form of a check (if no check is included in the container, a planner will call you to arrange a credit card payment, after the case is received.);
  • The secured container has to be placed in a designated drop box on the Ramona Street side entrance of the Permit Center.

Planning applications and fee schedule can be found at:

For questions regarding these procedures, application material, and to verify fees, please contact our Planner of the Day at 626-744-6777.

New permitting software is going live on June 11th, 2020. The new software includes service enhancement and also changes to application submittal requirements and inspection request. For additional information, please visit 

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The Planning & Community Development Department’s Planning Division is comprised of the Current Planning, Community Planning, and Design and Historic Preservation sections. The Planning division staff provides services and conduct activities which guide the City’s orderly development by applying the current zoning codes, facilitating development, implementing community plans, and preserving architectural and historic landmarks.


Community Planning works with the community to guide Pasadena’s growth, striking a balance between the needs of today with the goals for the future. The division oversees developing and updating long-range plans, updating the Zoning Ordinance and Map, reviewing development projects, and conducting studies.

Current Planning
and Zoning

Current Planning and Zoning guides the City’s orderly development by applying the zoning code thus achieving a livable city that balances the needs of residents and businesses. Current Planning staff also responds to inquiries about the zoning code; reviews proposed plans and provides comments; sign-off plans for Building Permits and sells zoning code and zoning maps.

Design and Historic Preservation

Design & Historic Preservation section of the Planning Department is responsible for conducting design review of new development and alterations throughout the City of Pasadena. The section is also responsible for identifying, designating and reviewing alterations to and demolitions of historic resources.

Reopening Permits

The City of Pasadena has implemented various expedited procedures and have modified regulations to facilitate the rapid re-opening of qualified dining and retail establishments. Modified regulations will grant certain restaurants the ability to temporarily expand dining areas in order to comply with COVID-19 related public health and safety protocols and social distancing requirements.

Permit Center Online

The City of Pasadena launched a new and improved permitting system on June 11, 2020. The new system, called Energov, replaced the previous Tidemark system that has been utilized since 2001. Energov will improve online services, such as the ability to get current permit information throughout the plan check and inspection process, schedule inspections and make payments.