ADU Virtual Consultation

You can now book a virtual meeting to obtain preliminary feedback from City staff on building code and zoning code requirements for your proposed ADU. This service is offered to anyone interested in building an ADU in Pasadena before plans are submitted to the City for plan check review

You can schedule a virtual meeting choosing from available meeting times. All appointments are conducted using Microsoft Teams.

This service is only available prior to ADU plan check submittal. Appointments scheduled for ADUs that are in plan check will be canceled. If you have questions on your ADU plan check, please contact the plan checker.

To prepare for your virtual meeting, remember:

  • The Complimentary ADU Virtual Preliminary Consultation meeting will be conducted using Microsoft Teams and you must have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. Please familiarize yourself with this virtual meeting platform. Download Microsoft Teams.
  • It is optional to be ‘on camera’ during the meeting. You may choose to have your camera setting ‘off’.
  • You can share your computer screen during the virtual meeting if you have any documents or photos that you would like to share with staff. City staff will not review documents, images, records, etc. prior to the virtual meeting.
  • During the meeting, staff will be able to provide general information regarding current building code and zoning requirements. Staff may also be able to answer some site-specific questions, but will not be able to conduct a review on the property’s permit history. You can also search by address to view your property's permit history online.
  • Plan for the virtual meeting by preparing your questions in advance.
  • This is a 30-minute meeting.
  • This is a consultation only and not a formal review. A formal review requires complete plan eSubmittal online at Each review takes 3-4 weeks to complete.
  • You may cancel or reschedule the meeting via the links in your confirmation email. You may cancel or reschedule up to 3 hours before the appointment time.
  • For Pasadena's ADU regulations and other helpful information, visit:

Estimate the cost of converting an existing structure to an ADU or constructing a new ADU. Refer to 'Development Costs' for an estimate of City fees.

ADU Cost Estimator Tool

For Pasadena's ADU regulations and other helpful information, visit:

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