California Institute of Technology

30-year Master Development Plan – Approved April 1989; Amended September 1995, August 1999, & December 2006

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is private university that offers instruction at both undergraduate and graduate levels and is recognized as a leading research center. Caltech was founded in 1891. Enrollment for 2007-2008 is forecasted at 2,220 students.

The Caltech campus encompasses approximately 124 acres. The Master Plan allows new academic and administrative facilities in two areas of the campus, with the majority constructed between the existing campus and Del Mar Boulevard. A limited amount of development will take place at an area south of California Boulevard and north of the existing playing fields. The maximum total area of new academic and administrative area north of California Boulevard, and bounded by Holliston Avenue, Wilson Avenue, and Del Mar Boulevard, is 1.6 million gross square feet. The development limit for the two building envelopes on the south California Boulevard frontage and north of the playing fields is 150,000 square feet of net new gross building space.

The latest amendment to the Master Development Plan approved the following:

  1. Construction of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Laboratory (CCE Lab) between the Beckman Behavior Biology and Noyes Laboratories;
  2. Rehabilitation or construction of the North Undergraduate Houses (Page, Lloyd, and Ruddock);
  3. Demolition and replacement of the Braun and Marks Graduate Houses; and
  4. Construction of a new Campus Center.

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