Monte Vista Grove

(20-year Master Development Plan) Approved December 1990; Amended January 2007

Monte Vista Grove Homes (MVGH) located at 2889 San Pasqual Street is a Christian community dedicated to providing affordable housing to retired Presbyterian ministers, missionaries, Certified Christian Educators, Certified Musician Associates, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and their spouses; and also to providing quality skilled nursing and assisted living accommodations for the elderly, regardless of church affiliation. Myron Hunt and H. C. Chambers outlined the Monte Vista Campus in a Master Plan between February 1927 and April 1928 and twelve of the buildings are attributed to Hunt and Chambers. Because of the Depression in 1929 the Master Plan was not allowed to proceed to its full development.

The Master Development Plan is divided into several phases. The Master Development Plan covers the following activities:

  • Demolition of five single-story multi-family buildings totaling 14 units
  • Conversion of one residential unit to a wellness facility
  • Converting a unit from an office to a residential unit
  • Demolition of one single-story common area building
  • Addition of approximately 7,200 square feet of administrative offices, dining, activity space to the existing 37,205 square feet of non-residential square feet
  • Addition of three new single-story units
  • Addition of four new two-story multi-family buildings totaling 58 units
  • Addition of a one-story building with two units
  • Increase the parking supply from 142 to 216 spaces for a net increase of 74 spaces
  • Adding new carports along the northern and western edges of the campus

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