Pasadena Christian School

(Fifteen-year Master Development Plan) Approved December 1998; Amended October 2001 & March 2009.

Pasadena Christian School is a private school with grade levels from pre-school through eighth grade. The school is located south of Howard Street, between Los Robles and Garfield Avenues. The school is approximately 6.9 acres and has been at this location for over 50 years. The maximum enrollment is 688 students.

The City Council approved an amendment to the Master Plan that consists of two phases. The major elements (Phases) of the amendment are: 1) construction of a single-story 8,323-square foot Junior High building; and 2) a second-story addition of 11,800-square feet to the existing Elementary Classroom building and 16,460-square foot two-story additions to the Elementary Classroom and Multi-Purpose buildings.

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