Pasadena Historical Society

(Ten-year Master Development Plan) Approved March 1988

The Pasadena Historical Society is 2.12 acres. The main building is the Fenyes Mansion at 170 N. Orange Grove Boulevard. Also on the site is the Sauna or Finnish Fold Art Museum behind the Fenyes Mansion. Behind the mansion is the Finnish Folk Art Museum; a replica of a Finnish farm house which houses a small collection of folk art from Finland. In 1970, the estate was entrusted to the Pasadena Historical Society. The Fenyes mansion remains intact and furnished with its original furniture.

The Master Development Plan permitted the construction of a 12,200 square foot, two-story building with one story underground. The History Center provided space for the society’s library and climate controlled storage space for artifacts, costumes and textiles. The Center contained 100-seat lecture hall for special events and exhibition galleries, a conservation workroom, a public research room, and administrative offices.

Master Plans