Polytechnic School

(Ten-year Master Development Plan) Approved 1992; Amended April 2005

The Master Development Plan maintains the maximum enrollment at 861 students.  The Master Development Plan proposes building envelopes of new building area for the North and South Campuses and athletic fields (20,000 square feet for each campus for a total of 40,000 square feet; 10,000 square feet for the fields) not to exceed 45,000 square feet of net new construction.  Also included in the scope of the Master Plan are improvements to the interiors of existing buildings, the construction of a swimming pool, and a subterranean, 248-space, two-level parking structure southwest of the intersection of California Boulevard and Wilson Avenue.  Specific building projects would be designed and rendered over the life of the Master Plan as funding becomes available. This may also include building plans for temporary classrooms as needed. The Master Development Plan would be implemented in four phases.

Master Plans