Saint Luke’s Medical Center

Approved 1986

The approximate 18 acre Saint Luke Medical Center, located at 2750 East Washington Boulevard, is bounded by Washington Boulevard on the north and east, Del Rey Avenue on the west and Woodlyn Road on the south.
The Moderne style Saint Luke hospital was constructed in 1933 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange.    Over the years, the Medical Center physically expanded on the site to meet the evolving needs of new technology and patient care. Additions constructed in 1945 and 1948 blend in well with the original architecture. A front wing added in 1976 does have a negative visual impact on the building. A medical office building was constructed on the site in 1983 and a co-generation facility in 1984. Other minor additions and remodeling took place throughout the years. Saint Luke hospital contains adequate cultural, historical and architectural significance to be considered for local Cultural Heritage Landmark designation.

The Master Development Plan covered the following activities:

Phase I (1988)

  1. 35,000 square feet to the surgery/obstetrics units – three stories)
  2. Construction of 30,000 square feet medical office building
  3. Child care center relocated to two residential structures on Woodlyn Road
  4. Various other remodeling and interior improvements.

Phase II (1989)

  1. Construction of a 40,000 square foot addition to the Phase I medical office building.
  2. Construction of one level above grade parking structure for 210 cars.
  3. Licensed capacity of 167 beds.

Master Plans