Fair Oaks/Orange Grove

Fair Oaks & Orange Grove Specific Plan

The Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Specific Plan area encompasses approximately 171 acres within Northwest Pasadena, and consists of three separate districts: 1) La Pintoresca Neighborhood Corridor District; 2) Robinson Park District; and 3) Renaissance Commercial District.

The Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Specific Plan encourages actions to visually and physically unify the area, removes planning and zoning barriers to thinly-capitalized and other start-up businesses and encourages household/family-based entrepreneurial endeavors. The Specific Plan also encourages ‘livable communities” concepts such as balanced mixed use development, with retail, residential and employment within working distance of one another, stabilize neighborhoods with affordable housing opportunities and provides for the adaptive reuse of existing residential and commercial buildings to emphasize the historic uniqueness of Fair Oaks/Orange Grove and to foster a greater sense of community. Built-in flexibility and performance standards are part of the plan as well as expanded incentives for investment and development.

Specific Plan Documents

Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Specific Plan Recommendations

The Fair Oaks/Orange Grove Specific Plan recommendations affirm the recent pattern of revitalization and transformation of this vital area of northwest Pasadena. The Plan is designed to enhance the quality of life for the Fair Oaks/Orange Grove community, reestablishing it as a lively focal point in the City. Through planning and urban design concepts, the Plan provides for the creation of a pedestrian- and transit-oriented community supporting businesses and residential uses in the area.

Fair Oaks and Orange Grove Specific Plan Recommendations

The Planning & Community Development Department launched Our Pasadena in early 2018, a highly anticipated program focused on implementation of the 2015 General Plan. The program will focus on updating Pasadena's Specific Plans to support the vision, goals, and policies set forth in the General Plan. For information go to: https://www.ourpasadena.org/.

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