West Gateway

West Gateway Specific Plan

West Gateway Specific Plan MapThe West Gateway Specific Plan will focus on the arts, culture and education by building on the strengths of the Norton Simon Museum and Ambassador Auditorium and this focus will be encouraged and strengthened through the Specific Plan.

The Specific Plan will incorporate the existing parks and existing setback requirements. Plan emphasis will be upon preserving, replacing and enhancing gardens and foliage landscaping as a continuing visual extension of “South Orange Grove” ambiance. Any historic structures identified through the historic inventory must be preserved such as the Vista del Arroyo bungalows. Mixed use development will be encouraged in this area. No hotels will be permitted unless the Specific Plan process designates a hotel site. The Vista del Arroyo bungalows will be used for offices or housing with the emphasis on reusing the bungalows.

The Specific Plan will seek to establish a link to Old Pasadena over the bridge through alternatives such as temporary vendors or retail carts or through pedestrian improvements which encourage people to move freely between the two areas. The Specific Plan will set up guidelines to encourage more intense development north of Colorado Boulevard, rather than on the south.

With Planning Commission and City Council approval and compliance with performance standards, an additional 200,000 square feet could be available east of Orange Grove. These standards are either the completion of a Master Plan which identifies the use and location of the square footage or the completion of the Specific Plan which identifies the use and location of the square feet.

  • Total New Housing Units = 75
  • Total New Non-Residential Square Footage = 800,000*
  • General Commercial = 350,000 Institutional = 250,000

With 200,000 square feet contingent upon performance standards.

Specific Plans