Historic Preservation Documents

On this page you can find a list of information packets related to the city’s historic preservation program. Documents related to specific properties or districts (such as National Register nominations, Historic Context Reports and Landmark District Conservation Plans) can be accessed from our database.

Find Historic Preservation Applications and Forms

Historic Preservation Information Packets

Historic Preservation Brochure

This brochure has general information about the city’s historic preservation program including types of official historic designation, a map of historic and landmark districts, processes for designating historic resources and for reviewing demolition of and alterations to historic resources, and incentives that apply to designated historic resources.

Design Guidelines For Historic Districts in Pasadena

Applications for Certificate of Appropriateness affecting properties in landmark & historic districts are evaluated using these guidelines, which are based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards

All applications for Certificate of Appropriateness are evaluated using these guidelines and standards. Properties in landmark & historic district are also evaluated using the city’s Design Guidelines for Historic Districts.

Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

New guidance from the National Park Service about improving the sustainability of historic buildings.

Historic Context Reports

Use our interactive database to view or download historic context reports including:

  • Citywide Historic Context & Property Type Report (the city’s first context report)
  • Residential Architecture of the Arts & Crafts Movement (1895-1918)
  • Bungalow Courts (1909-1944)
  • Cultural Resources of the Recent Past (1935-1965)
  • Residential Period Revival Architecture (1915-1942)
  • Ethnic History (1874-1950)
  • Early Automobile-oriented Properties (1895-1944)
  • Residential Architecture from 1883-1994 (1883-1904)

In the “Search by Context” portion of the screen, select the context you wish to view/download from the pull-down menu and click “Open Context”.

Map of Pasadena Annexations

This map and video shows the names and dates of all of the annexations that have occurred since the City was founded in 1886.

Moving a House in Pasadena

This packet has detailed information about the process to relocate a building in Pasadena

Specifications for Archival Photo Documentation of Historic Properties

This document lists the specifications for submittal of archival photographs to the city.

The Top Ten Myths About Historic Preservation

This handout is intended to clarify some common misunderstandings about historic preservation to ensure that property owners have accurate information and realistic expectations about the impacts or benefits of preservation tools.  Modified from original written by Ken Bernstein, former Director of Preservation Issues for the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Combined Designations

This document lists all designated historic properties in the City of Pasadena