Rotating Public Art Program Phase III Podcasts

Pasadena’s Public Art Program has collaborated with Side Street Projects and Pasadena’s Complete Streets Coalition to develop podcasts with the artists featured in Phase III of the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program. This project was developed as a part of the City’s participation and sponsorship of Bike Month. Given the Complete Streets Coalition’s suspension of group tours for the time being, we teamed up to create new programming that may be experienced broadly and safely via technology.

The podcasts are integrated into a tour platform that includes a suggested bike route. The tour with accompanying podcasts is intended as a program one may choose to engage while safely visiting the sites on their own via a preferred transit method, or even at home, listening to the artists speak about their artworks in the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program while viewing the accompanying images.

Pasadena Rotating Public Art Self-Guided Bike Tour with Artists Podcasts