Temporary use of the Rose Bowl Stadium by the National Football League (NFL)


PASADENA, Calif.—The City Council is scheduled on Nov. 19 to consider amending the Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance as a preliminary step that would allow a National Football League (NFL) team to temporarily use the Rose Bowl Stadium.

The proposed amendment would allow an NFL team to host home games at the Rose Bowl Stadium for no more than five years if, and when, an NFL team moves to the Los Angeles area while a permanent stadium is being constructed elsewhere.

The City today (Nov. 9) is releasing the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and related documents that were prepared regarding the proposed amendment to the ordinance.   Click on the following links below to review the documents.


The potential exists for the National Football League (NFL) to relocate an existing team franchise to the Los Angeles area in the near future.  Should this occur, there is a likelihood that the team would need to play in an existing stadium for an interim time period, possibly as soon as fall 2013, while a new stadium is constructed.  Currently there are two proposed stadium projects in the greater Los Angeles Area; one in the City of Industry and other in the City of Los Angeles.  Should either of these proposals move forward, it is likely that the Rose Bowl could be considered as an interim location.

The use of the Rose Bowl Stadium as an interim venue for an NFL team would provide a significant economic impact for the Rose Bowl Operating Company, the City, and area merchants.  However, impacts such as increased traffic and noise would also be felt, particularly to neighborhoods surrounding the Central Arroyo.  All of which would need to be carefully considered before making any agreement to serve as an interim venue.  As the local economy continues to stagnate from the national Great Recession, City staff believes that temporarily hosting an NFL team will provide a significant economic stimulus.


In order for the Rose Bowl to be considered, the City Council must amend the Arroyo Seco Lands Ordinance (Pasadena Municipal Code Chapter 3.32) and study the environmental effects of that amendment in an environmental impact report (EIR) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.



Council Meets Nov. 19 to Consider Temporary NFL Use at Rose Bowl