Union Street Condominiums Project

254 East Union Street – Variance #11810


The project proposes a mixed-use development with 36 market-rate condominium units and 2,625 square feet of commercial space on the 0.50-acre site. The project would include a single structure of five stories reaching a maximum height of 60 feet situated over two levels of subterranean parking. The project proposes a total of 135 parking spaces comprised of 63 dedicated spaces for residents and guests and 71 dedicated spaces to serve the proposed commercial uses and the existing office uses located at 225 East Colorado Boulevard. The project would also provide one dedicated loading space. A gate would separate the dedicated residential spaces from the commercial and office spaces. The commercial/office parking would be monitored to ensure sufficient parking is available to serve the office building at all times. In addition, the proposed project would provide bicycle racks for six bicycles. The project requires the following entitlements:

  • Variance to reduce the depth of the commercial uses along Union Street.The City’s Zoning Code requires that commercial uses located along street frontages have a minimum depth of 50 feet. The commercial uses propose to have a depth of 27’-4”; and
  • Private Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal of one 22” DBH European Olive (Olea Europa) and one 27” DBH European Olive (Olea Europa), both located along the front property line.



CASE MANAGER: Beilin Yu, Planner