YWCA/Kimpton Hotel Project

78 N. Marengo Ave.


The proposed project involves the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the existing 48,260-square-foot YWCA building located at 78 N. Marengo Avenue and the addition of an 87,342-square-foot, six-story building on the project site, which together would become a 127,912-square-foot, approximately 179-room, Kimpton Hotel. The new hotel would consist of approximately 179 guestrooms and suites, approximately 1,989 square feet of meeting facilities, approximately 5,630 square feet of ballroom space, approximately 1,197 square feet of hospitality parlors, and an approximately 2,350 square-foot, 140-seat restaurant. The height of the building would be 60 feet high and have a floor area ratio of 1.5. Parking for the new hotel would be valet-only; all parking would be off-site and would be provided at existing parking lots and structures in the nearby area. In addition, a sidewalk cut-back and use of the existing parking lane is proposed along Marengo Avenue for guest drop-off, valet parking, and access to the main entrance of the hotel and restaurant.

The project site is bounded by Marengo Avenue to the west, Holly Street to the north, Garfield Avenue to the east, and Union Street to the south. Current uses on the project site include the existing vacant YWCA building located on northeast corner of Marengo Avenue and Union Street; a surface parking lot east of the existing YWCA building; and landscaping and public art (Robinson Memorial) along Holly Street and Garfield Avenue. The project site comprises approximately 84,042 square feet of land that would be developed into a single boutique hotel and surrounding grounds. The Robinson Memorial would remain in place and be unaffected by the project.



CASE MANAGER: Kevin Johnson