Zoning Code Amendments for Emergency Shelters Limited

The proposed Zoning Code Amendments will apply within the Central District Sub-Districts 2, 3, 4, and 5


The proposed Zoning Code Amendments will extend the Zoning Credit Parking program (currently in use in Old Pasadena only) to other areas of the Central District, in particular the South Lake and the Playhouse District commercial areas. This program will allow for the intensification of uses on the ground floor of existing commercial buildings. Primarily it will allow for the establishment of a new restaurant by allowing the porpoerty owner to purchase zoning credit parking spaces as a means to meeting the required parking.

The Zoning Code will be amended to allow for an on-street parking space to be counted in the pool of Zoning Credit Parking spaces for these two areas. Additionally, the Code will be modified such that any property with zoning parking credits automatically meets the existing distance requirements of the Zoning Code. Oversubscription of parking credits which is allowed in Old Pasadena is not being proposed for these two districts. In addition to the changes to the Zoning Code, resolutions will be approved that establish the Zoning Credit Parking program boundaries and the guidelines which will govern the programs.


CASE MANAGER: Denver Miller