August - September 2018 Highlights

8/6/18                  Day Shift PD1 assisted our Fugitive Apprehension Team in locating and following a homicide suspect. PD1 took over observation and radio communication as they converged on the suspect.  Due to the coordinated approach, the suspect was taken into custody without incident. 8/12/18              Night Shift PD1 responded to 800 block of Summit Ave. regarding a domestic violence incident. PD1 located the suspect near Summit Ave. and Painter St. and maintained observation as he was taken into custody. 8/14/18              Night Shift... continue reading »"August - September 2018 Highlights"

June 2018 Highlights

6/2/18                  Night Shift                          PD1 (Police Helicopter) responded to assist officer’s search for a stolen vehicle in the area of 100 block of N. Marion Ave.  During the search, PD1 located the car parked in the Howard Johnson's lot at 1599 E. Colorado., however, it was unoccupied.   6/11/18               Day Shift                             PD-1 monitored and responded to a radio call of a possible domestic battery and restraining order violation in the 300 block of 375 E Mountain Street.  PD1 located the suspect... continue reading »"June 2018 Highlights"

April - May 2018 Highlights

April Noteworthy Cases 04/02/18             Night Shift                          Glendale:           PD-1 responded to 3000 block of Foothill Blvd. to assist officers with reports of subjects on the roof.  Upon arrival, two subjects ran from officers.  PD-1 assisted by directing responding officers to the suspects and utilized the searchlight to illuminate the area as they were detained.  Two suspects were arrested for miscellaneous charges. 04/11/18             Day Shift                             Pasasdena:          PD-1 responded to a report of a man brandishing a knife at 39 E.... continue reading »"April - May 2018 Highlights"

January - February 2018 Highlights

Glendale PD, January 2, 2018‐ PD‐1 assisted Glendale PD Detectives follow a wanted subject who had a history of fleeing when contacted by the police. The Air Crew located the suspect’s vehicle and followed him as he entered the City of Eagle Rock and stopped at a gas station. The crew directed Glendale PD Detectives to the suspect’s vehicle. As the detectives attempted to contact the suspect he entered his vehicle and attempted to flee. In his attempt to flee... continue reading »"January - February 2018 Highlights"

December 2017 Highlights

Air Operations Highlights December 2017 Arcadia PD, December 5: PD‐1 responded to the City of Arcadia regarding a vehicle pursuit. Once on scene, the Aircrew began to broadcast and manage the pursuit. After a short distance, the vehicle yielded and the suspect ran from the vehicle. The Aircrew tracked the suspect as he ran and provided updates of his location to officers arriving in the area. The suspect was eventually detained without incident and arrested for Evading. Arcadia PD, December... continue reading »"December 2017 Highlights"

November 2017 Highlights

Air Operations Highlights November 2017 Glendora PD/CovinaPD, November 2, 2017:  PD-1 responded to assist Glendora PD units as they attempted to locate a stolen vehicle.  While checking the area the vehicle was located and a short vehicle pursuit ensued and ended in the City of Covina when the suspect fled on foot.  The Aircrew worked with officers of the Glendora and Covina Police Departments simultaneously to set a containment around the suspect.  A search of the containment area was completed... continue reading »"November 2017 Highlights"

June 2017 Highlights

South Pasadena PD- June 8:  PD-1 responded to the area of 1700 Garfield Ave. in South Pasadena regarding a hit and run traffic collision that just occurred.  As the crew began checking the area for the suspect vehicle, patrol officers located the suspect vehicle and a pursuit began.  PD-1 was quickly overhead and took control of the pursuit.  PD-1 followed the vehicle as it entered the City of Alhambra.  Shortly after, the vehicle collided with an unoccupied city building located... continue reading »"June 2017 Highlights"

April 2017 Highlights

Alhambra PD: April 2, 2017- PD-1 responded to the area of Main St. and 5th Ave. regarding a carjacking.  The vehicle was located by patrol officers and a vehicle pursuit ensued.  PD-1 arrived overhead and the Air Crew began to call the pursuit.  The vehicle traveled to East Los Angeles and came to an end when the driver turned down a cul-de-sac.  The suspect was arrested without incident for Carjacking and Evading. Arcadia PD: April 4, 2017- PD-1 responded to... continue reading »"April 2017 Highlights"

January 2017 Highlights

Glendale PD: January 4, 2017- PD-1 responded to the City of Glendale to assist patrol officers with an arrest attempt of a suspect with a No Bail arrest warrant.  As patrol officers attempted to contact the suspect he fled on foot.  The Air Crew followed the suspect and watched as he attempted to hide on the roof of a garage.  The crew directed patrol officers to the suspect and he was arrested for the warrant. El Monte PD: January 11,... continue reading »"January 2017 Highlights"

August and September 2016 Air Ops Highlights

South Pasadena PD: Aug. 2, 2016-  PD-1 responded to the area of Mission Ave. and Hope St. to assist South Pasadena patrol officers with a vehicle pursuit of a suspect wanted for making Criminal Threats.  When the Air Crew arrived on scene, they assumed control of the pursuit and followed the vehicle as it drove on city streets and the freeway through the cities of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Glendale.  Once in the City of Glendale the suspect entered Glendale... continue reading »"August and September 2016 Air Ops Highlights"