April - May 2018 Highlights

April Noteworthy Cases

04/02/18             Night Shift                          Glendale:           PD-1 responded to 3000 block of Foothill Blvd. to assist officers with reports of subjects on the roof.  Upon arrival, two subjects ran from officers.  PD-1 assisted by directing responding officers to the suspects and utilized the searchlight to illuminate the area as they were detained.  Two suspects were arrested for miscellaneous charges.

04/11/18             Day Shift                             Pasasdena:          PD-1 responded to a report of a man brandishing a knife at 39 E. Colorado.  Upon arrival, PD-1 observed the suspect in the rear alley attempting to hide from responding officers.  As PD-1 directed units to the suspect, he fled a short distance as PD-1 broadcast the foot pursuit.  The suspect was eventually detained and placed on a WIC-5150 hold.

04/13/18             Day Shift                             Monrovia:           PD-1 was requested for assistance on a missing hiker call in the Monrovia foothills, just off 1200 block N. Canyon Blvd.  The hiker had phone contact with Monrovia Dispatch but stated he was lost and could not find his way back. PD-1 immediately responded and while en-route requested the hikers GPS coordinates which was determined through the hiker’s phone.  PD-1 then tracked the signal and located the hiker within minutes approximately 300 to 400’ up a steep canyon.  PD-1 advised the hiker via PA to stay in place and that a rescue team was already en-route.  Since the area was very steep and difficult to access, PD-1 suggested that a rescue helicopter be deployed to hoist the hiker out of the location.  PD-1 provided over watch until County Fire Helicopter – 14 arrived on scene and hoisted the hiker out of the location.  This incident was a great example of the teamwork between the Fire and the Police Departments.  It also showcase the advantages of an airborne unit in rescue operations.

04/19/18             Day Shift                             Monrovia:           PD-1 responded to assist in the search for two suspicious subjects who were seen trying to open doors in the 1800 block of Anita Crest Dr. prior to fleeing the location.  As PD-1 arrived on scene and began searching, a ground unit located the suspect vehicle parked on Grandview Ave and Wilson Ave. The female driver was detained, however, the two male subjects were nowhere to be found.  PD-1 then quickly setup containment as witnesses advised seeing the two male subjects jumping fences just south of where the female was detained.  During the search, PD-1 saw two subjects matching the description casually walking south bound on Wilson Ave and advised the ground units.  Both subjects were detained without incident and upon further investigation linked to a nearby burglary. They were also positively identified by witnesses and later all three suspect were arrested for residential burglary.

04/20/18             Night Shift                          El Monte:            During normal patrol operations, PD-1 monitored a pursuit of a stolen vehicle by El Monte Police.  PD-1 advised Pasadena dispatch when the pursuit entered City limits, westbound, on the 210 Freeway.  Once El Monte PD cancelled their ground units, the suspects stopped on the freeway and exited the vehicle just west of the Sierra Madre ramp.  Fortunately, the El Monte and Pasadena Police helicopters crews were overhead and broadcast the suspect’s actions as they ran across the metro train tracks, across eastbound lanes and down the eastbound exit ramp.  The passenger was taken into custody on the off ramp, the driver ran into the residential neighborhood of Vista/Corson.  Pasadena’s crew (PD-1) coordinated with the El Monte staff to advise Pasadena patrol units where the suspect was hiding.  The suspect attempted to enter a residence and eventually was taken into custody by Pasadena officers.  El Monte arrived and took over the incident which led to the arrest of both suspects for Grand Theft Auto.


May Noteworthy Cases

5/2/18                  Day Shift                             Pasadena             PD-1 responded to the Kaiser building at 3280 E. Foothill Blvd regarding a call of a male in violation of a restraining order. The witness said the suspect was parked in a grey vehicle. Upon arrival, PD-1 located the suspect vehicle and directed officers to it. Officers made contact with the suspect and took him into custody for the court order violation.

Later in the shift, PD-1 responded to Long Fellow Middle School to search for a 10 year-old student who left school without permission. He was described as a male wearing grey sweats. During their search, PD-1 located the male at Catalina and Rio Grande and directed officers to him. He was contacted and returned to school without incident.

5/4/18                  Day Shift                             Pasadena             PD-1 monitored and responded to the area of 2800 block of Mataro St. regarding a stolen vehicle that just occurred.  While checking the area, patrol officers located the vehicle parked and unoccupied in the area of Daisy Ave. and Walnut St.  PD-1 began to search the area and located a possible suspect sitting on the southwest corner or Nina St. and Sunnyslope Ave.  PD-1 requested an officer to contact the male and, once detained, a field show-up was conducted which confirmed he was the suspect and taken into custody for Grand Theft Auto.

5/7/18                  Day Shift                             Pasadena             PD-1 responded to a call of a Residential Burglary in progress.  A responding motor unit saw the suspect run east through the yards of 74 S. Virginia St.  PD-1 arrived and quickly assisted with the containment and search.  After approx. 50 minutes the suspect came out of the containment and surrendered.  The suspect was positively identified and arrested for burglary.

5/8/18                  Night Shift                          Pasadena             PD-1 monitored and responded to a Burglary Alarm in the 2900 block of E. Colorado Blvd.  While en-route, a subject fled from the location on foot.  After officers lost sight of the suspect, PD-1 established a containment in the area.  The suspect was later located inside the containment hiding under a vehicle.  He was detained and found to be in possession of narcotics for sales.

5/9/18                  Day Shift                             Pasadena             In addition to normal operations, Air Operations hosted their annual regional helicopter response exercise at the Rose Bowl.  The event was well attended and represented the 29th year Air Operations has hosted this event.  In all, 24 helicopters from Fresno to San Diego descended on the iconic venue to participate in the drill.  In an effort to market the section and our role within the public safety arena, the event was covered by the local and national media.


5/12/18               Night Shift                          Pasadena             PD-1 monitored and responded to the area of 2400 block of Brigden Rd. regarding a residential burglary that just occurred.  PD-1 arrived on scene and learned the suspect was last seen in a nearby yard.  PD-1 quickly established a containment around the area and began to look for the suspect. The suspect was not located, however, PD-1 advised patrol officers of an area that could not be seen by the crew.  Officers checked that area and quickly located the suspect hiding under a patio out of the crews view.  The suspect was detained and arrested without incident for residential burglary.

5/14/18               Day Shift                             Sierra Madre:     PD-1 responded to the area of Santa Anita Court in regards to a subject seen in the back yard.  The subject ran away as officers arrived.  Upon our arrival, PD-1 saw the subject running through numerous back yards and jumping over walls to avoid capture.  PD-1 assisted with the containment.  Every time the officers tried to converge on him, he would climb another wall and flee into the heavily wooded areas.  After over an hour, the suspect jumped a fenced into the waiting arms of ground units.  He was taken into custody on an assortment of charges.

5/24/18               Night Shift                          Burbank:             PD-1 responded to the 1200 block Flower in regards to a man with a gun call. The suspect, who was said to have a gun in his waist band, was last seen walking west on Elm Court wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.  Once on scene, officers heard noises from the rear of a shed which was covered by a tree. PD-1 searched and watched as the suspect jumped from the roof into an adjacent parking lot.  PD-1 directed officers to the suspect who was quickly detained. Officers then searched the area and located a discarded revolver. The suspect was subsequently arrested and transported to jail.