August - September 2018 Highlights

8/6/18                  Day Shift

PD1 assisted our Fugitive Apprehension Team in locating and following a homicide suspect. PD1 took over observation and radio communication as they converged on the suspect.  Due to the coordinated approach, the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

8/12/18              Night Shift

PD1 responded to 800 block of Summit Ave. regarding a domestic violence incident. PD1 located the suspect near Summit Ave. and Painter St. and maintained observation as he was taken into custody.

8/14/18              Night Shift

PD1 responded to the area of the Casting Ponds to assist a volunteer unit who had located the vehicle of a critical missing person. PD1 did an extensive search of the Arroyo Seco and helped to locate the victim just off the path.  Unfortunately, the victim had passed away prior to being found.

08/15/18             Day Shift

PD1 responded to the area of Buckeye and Oakland Ave regarding a male subject sitting inside a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, PD1 saw the vehicle in a nearby parking lot and directed units to it.  While surveilling, the driver exited the vehicle and attempted to walk away.  Fortunately, the crew directed ground units to him and took him into custody for grand theft auto.

08/18/18             Night Shift

Los Angeles: PD2 responded to assist an LAPD airship that was following a stolen vehicle into Pasadena. Prior to arrival, the suspect pulled over and the suspects fled on foot into the area of Del Mar Bl. and Oakland Ave.  PPD’s 2nd helicopter assisted and helped to establish the perimeter as ground units arrived.  While the crew conducted a FLIR search, they saw the subject walking down a driveway toward California.  As a ground unit arrived, the suspect fled again on foot.  Ultimately, the suspect was taken into custody.  The scene was turned over to LAPD and the suspect was arrested for grand theft auto and for being parolee at large.

08/18/18             FAST Shift

West Covina: PD1 monitored Baldwin Park PD in pursuit of a stolen car west bound on the 210 freeway in Arcadia. Another law enforcement air crew was working the pursuit so PD1 joined as the secondary aircraft as it traveled through Arcadia, Glendale, and Burbank.  Eventually, ground units called off the pursuit while CHP responded from Covina.  PD1 continued to maintain visual on the vehicle via FLIR.   Once CHP ground units arrived, PD1 illuminated the suspect vehicle with the spotlight which resulted in the suspect vehicle pulling over within a couple miles.  A felony stop was conducted and the suspect was taken into custody.  Officers also located a handgun inside of the suspect vehicle.



9/6/18                  Night Shift

Arcadia:               PD1 responded to the 1200 block of S. Golden West Ave. regarding a bicycle alarm activation.  As an officer made contact with the subjects, one ran.  PD1 arrived shortly thereafter and began using the spotlight to locate and track the suspect.  PD1 maintained a visual of the suspect and provided updates as he ran through an apartment complex.  Fortunately, he was taken into custody without incident.

9/7/18                 Night Shift

PD1 monitored a CHP pursuit that had traversed numerous highways and counties prior to entering the area. The suspects eventually merged onto the westbound 60 freeway where the primary helicopter crew had to depart.  PD1 joined the pursuit and followed the vehicle to a residential neighborhood near Burbank Blvd.  The suspects eventually abandoned their vehicle and fled on foot.  Fortunately, due to ground and air assets working so well together, the suspects were quickly taken into custody.

9/14/18               Day Shift

Glendale:             While on patrol, PD1 responded to Glendale to search for an elderly critical missing who was last seen in the area of Colorado Blvd and Chevy Chase.  PD1 located the subject as he attempted to board a bus.  PD1 advised ground units who made contact and took the gentleman by to his residence.

9/19/18               Day Shift

Pomona PD requested PD1 to assist them at Towne Ave and Lexington Blvd regarding a juvenile suspect with a No Bail arrest warrant that ran from officers. Officers observed the suspect jumping fences in a residential area.   PD1 responded and set up a containment and during the search, the suspect was found hiding in a trash can.

9/20/18               Day Shift

Covina:                PD1 was contacted regarding undercover officers following PC 245 (Assault w/A Deadly Weapon) suspects on the 101 Freeway.   PD1 responded and once overhead took over coordination as officers detained and subsequently arrested the suspects without incident.

9/21/18               Day Shift

PD1 conducted a follow-up on a wanted PC 459 Residential Burglary suspect and discovered their vehicle was registered to Pasadena address. PD1 then responded to the location and located the vehicle and advised ground units.  As officers approached the location, the suspect exited the residence and was taken into custody without any further incident.

9/21/18               Night Shift                          PD1 noticed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed in the area of Kings Manor.  The crew observed the suspect vehicle doing donuts in the middle of the street which resulted in it hitting a parked vehicle.  The vehicle then fled west on Pepper St.  PD1 requested units and coordinated them for a stop.  Eventually, officers made contact with both occupants inside the vehicle and discovered the vehicle was a reported stolen out of Van Nuys.  Officers detained both suspects and subsequently arrested them for grand theft auto.


9/22/18               Night Shift

PD1 responded to the area of Central Park regarding a PC243 (Battery) that just occurred. The subject was last seen by officers in Central Park and possibly armed with a knife. Upon arrival, PD1 observed the subject on the west side of the park and directed officers to him. Once on-scene, ground units took the suspect into custody without incident.

9/23/18               Night Shift

PD-1 responded to 3601 E Foothill Bl. regarding a PC 417 (Brandishing W/A Weapon) at the location. Upon arrival, PD-1 observed a suspicious suspect exit and walk away as units responded.  PD-1 continued to monitor and directed units to the subject who had now moved to the Harbor Freight store.  The subject was later detained and positively identified.  Since the victim refused prosecution, the subject was subsequently arrested for an outstanding warrant, paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

Monrovia:           Later in the shift, PD-1 received a Lo-Jack activation while flying over east Pasadena.  PD-1 tracked the signal to south Monrovia where the vehicle was later recovered.

9/26/18               Day Shift

PD1 responded to 3330 E. Foothill Blvd (Metro Station) regarding two subjects who were seen cutting a bike lock and leaving the location with it. PD1 was first on scene and located one of the suspects riding a bicycle at Madre St and Colorado Blvd.  PD1 maintained a visual of the suspect and updated the responding units on the suspect's location.  At one point the suspect hid behind a small business and changed his clothing before going mobile again. Ground units detained the suspect at Altadena Dr. and Del Mar Blvd.  After further investigation, the suspect was arrested for Burglary.

9/27/18               Night Shift

PD1 responded to 34 W. Union St regarding a subject who was fighting with security guards at the location. After PD1 located the suspect in a courtyard, the crew directed officers to his location.  During the incident, the suspect threw a glass cup and bit one of the security guards and was subsequently arrested for PC 245 (Assault W/A Deadly Weapon).

9/28/18               Night Shift

PD1 responded to the 900 block of N. Michillinda Ave regarding a subject trying to break into the closed business. PD1 was first on scene and located the suspect in front of the location.  PD1 advised the responding unit as well as Sierra Madre PD.  Officers converged and made contact with the suspect who was later arrested for PC 647F (Public Intox).

9/30/18              Night Shift

Los Angeles:       PD1 monitored a patrol advisement from El Monte PD regarding a GTA – Lo-Jack vehicle that just occurred.  PD1 began tracking the signal to the area of Eagle Rock Bl / Yosemite in the City of Los Angeles.  PD1 located the vehicle on the northwest corner of Eagle Rock / Park View and noticed a possible suspect nearby.  PD1 contacted LAPD Northeast Division and requested units respond for assistance.  A suspect was detained, positively identified, and subsequently arrested for grand theft auto.