Parole Search - Glendora/La Verne (3/21/13)

PD-1 was contacted by Glendora PD regarding assistance with a parole search in the City of La Verne.  The suspect, who was on parole, had an outstanding warrant and was also wanted for an earlier burglary from the Kohl's in Glendora.  Glendora and La Verne ground units contained the suspects residence prior to PD-1's arrival.  When PD-1 arrived on scene, ground units made announcements and cleared the inside of the suspect’s residence but no one was located.  While ground units... continue reading »"Parole Search - Glendora/La Verne (3/21/13)"

Shoplifter In Custody (8/31/12)

PD-1 responded to a report of a theft that just occurred at Sear’s which is located at 3801 E. Foothill Blvd.  PD-1 arrived on scene and located the suspects walking west on Foothill Blvd away from the location.  Since no PPD units were available to respond because of a felony assault incident at Central Park, PD-1 notified Sierra Madre PD and requested their assistance.  PD-1 directed Sierra Madre officers to the suspects who were now on Halstead Avenue south of... continue reading »"Shoplifter In Custody (8/31/12)"

Theft (8/31/12)

PD-1 responded to a theft from the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia.  Prior to the crew’s arrival, the male suspect was seen near 637 S. Baldwin Avenue.  When the crew arrived they spotted the suspect running north through the alley.  Following a short foot pursuit, PD-1 guided ground units to the suspect and he was taken into custody for theft and battery.   

Family Disturbance/DUI Arrest (8/27/12)

PD-1 responded to the 1400 block of N. Hill Avenue regarding a male who was harassing an elderly family member.  While talking to the reporting party, the dispatcher heard screaming.  Upon arrival, PD-1 saw a vehicle leaving the location.  Moments later the reporting party told the dispatcher the suspect had just left in a vehicle.  PD-1 followed the vehicle providing position reports for responding units.  The vehicle was stopped after exiting the 210 freeway on Lincoln Avenue and the driver... continue reading »"Family Disturbance/DUI Arrest (8/27/12)"

Assault on Officer (8/24/12)

PD-1 responded to assist ground units on a report of a man breaking the glass poster display at a bus stop located at 320 W. Colorado Boulevard.  Upon arrival the air crew saw the suspect engage an officer in a physical fight.  PD-1 requested emergency assistance for the ground officer and provided updates as the suspect was taken into custody.  The crew’s assistance in this incident was critical and resulted in the officer getting immediate help when necessary.  

Robbery Arrest (8/22/12)

PD-1 responded to the 1700 block of N. Fair Oaks Avenue to assist Detective supervision search for two robbery suspects.  Once on scene, PD-1 provided updates and support in the event the suspects did not comply.  Initially, the suspects refused to come out of their residence, but after several minutes of negotiations and the presence of the helicopter the pair gave up and were taken in custody for robbery. 

Shooting (8/18/12)

PD-2 responded to Erie and Holt in the City of Pomona to assist officers with a report of a large party where shots had been fired.  Upon arrival, the suspect ran from ground officers.  During a search, he was located in the rear yard of a residence near the scene of the shooting and taken into custody.

Strong Arm Robbery (8/6/12)

PD-1 responded to Fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in regards to two men involved in a fight.  Investigation by ground units revealed that the incident was possibly a strong arm robbery with the suspect last seen fleeing north from the location.  During the search, the air crew located the suspect and directed ground units to him. 

Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Sexual Assault (8/8/12)

The air crew responded to the 300 block of S. Almansor Avenue in the City of Alhambra to assist in searching for a suspect wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual assault.  After ground units reported that the suspect possibly was hiding in a nearby residence, containment of the area was established.  The suspect was found hiding in the attic of the location and taken into custody.