Video Release of TASER Deployment at La Pintoresca Park

The Pasadena Police Department is making available the Body Worn Camera (BWC) video involving a TASER and pepper spray deployment that occurred at La Pintoresca Park. Subsequent to an officer involved shooting that took place in the 1300 block of N. Raymond Avenue on Saturday, August 15, 2020, a crime scene perimeter was established to allow for detectives and forensics personnel to collect and analyze all available evidence.  The immediate area was secured and crime scene tape was used to establish the perimeter while officers were assigned to ensure there was no encroachment on the crime scene, which could potentially contaminate and alter the officer involved shooting investigation.  Due to the highly emotional circumstances, throughout the evening, officers were confronted by groups of individuals who entered the southern crime scene perimeter.  These individuals tore down crime scene tape and directly confronted officers.  One individual threatened to assault a police officer, at which time a TASER was deployed in connection with his threats and upon his arrest, a large crowd rushed towards the individual being detained. Pepper spray was immediately deployed into the crowd to allow officers to safely detain the individual.  Unfortunately, a minor who was present at the location, was indirectly exposed to the pepper spray.  A police sergeant checking on the child was sprayed by the child’s mother with pepper spray in the aftermath.  The child was treated at the scene by paramedics.  The child’s mother was not immediately arrested so that she was able to care for her child.

Officer #1


Officer #2 - Taser Deployment


Officer #3 - Pepper Spray Deployment